Top 5 Best VFD for Lathe Reviews 2021 [Premium Picks]

So today, you’re here to find out the best VFD for lathe. Buy variable frequency drive (VFD) is difficult if you don’t know how to choose them. However, a variable speed motor controller or VFD speed controller comes with a different application. Below is a list of the top 5 best VFD drives for lathe with an extensive buying guide. Though I believe you’ll find your perfect variable speed controller for your lathe from my recommendation.

Top 5 Best VFD for Lathe Reviews 2021

You’re going to get the top 5 best VFD drives ideas and recommendations with reviews and a comprehensive buying guide. If you’re in a hurry, you may take a look at the below table.

1. LAPOND – The best Single Phase VFD for lathe 

Best Single Phase VFD For Lathe

If you’re looking for the 3 hp single phase 220v motor VFD speed controller, you should put this in your consideration. You’ll find the Lapond among the top 10 VFD manufacturers across the country. However, let’s get into the details of this variable speed drive for single phase motor.

It features single phase input 3 phase output VFD with 220V. It has a wide range of applications such as drill press, HVAC, spindle motor, CNC, etc., but the best VFD for single phase motor lathe.

Furthermore, it comes with one year warranty and is used for constant and variable torque loads. You can use this VFD speed controller for motor speed control as well as a phase converter. As 100% customer satisfaction, they always ready to assist you with your particular application and configuration. By the way, it’s also available to get a refund or replacement if you notice any manufacturing defects.

There are the 3 highlighted features that make it different. 

  • This constant torque VFD comes with both analog and digital operating systems. However, this versatile variable speed drive for single phase motor can be controlled without having any trouble.
  • Furthermore, you can remove the keypad and control it remotely.
  • There is a built-in cooling fan for saving VFD from overheating.


  • Easy to install.
  • It is the high-performance single phase to three phase VFD.
  • Customer satisfaction, support, and quick response are too perfect.
  • Best VFD for the hobbyist.
  • The VFD price is most suitable for the value.


  • The user manual seems terrible!

2. MYSWEETY Variable Frequency Drive for lathe reviews

Variable Frequency Drive For Lathe

If you’re planning to buy the VFD for 3 phase motor lathe, you should check MYSWEETY VFD Inverter Frequency Converter. It is never compromised with built-in high-quality material and always delivers user expected performance. However, the anti-interference ensures great stability and high accuracy. In fact, it has a robust anti-jamming capacity for safety uses. Furthermore, anyone can easily operate this 3 phase ac motor controller conveniently. Let’s get into more details below.

A DC Cooling fan protects your VFD from overheating, and the fan is quite noiseless and delivers a large air volume. The start and stop buttons are work fast as long as you press them. On the other hand, three anti-paint ensures safety from being damaged. As the whole body is screwed so you can easily open it and do whatever you want to do. However, these features make this VFD more stable and longevity.

Let’s check some technical features:

The variable speed drive for single phase motor’s input and the output voltage is 220V, converting single phase to 3 phase output. As always, you can implement this on a wide range of machines like compressor, lathe, fan, milling, cooling, etc.

Finally, this VFD controller comes with one year warranty and replacement or maybe a refund too!


  • It works great with a 2×72 belt grinder.
  • The Mysweety provides excellent after-purchase support.
  • Best VFD lathe for the money.
  • It’s suitable for newbies and professionals.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Not the product in the photos but more than that!

3. HY HUANYANG – Best 110v speed control for the lathe. 

110v Speed Control

Let’s discuss one of the best 110v ac motor speed control VFD for the lathe. Before getting into the in-depth details, there are brief features. First of all, it will only work for 110v motor speed control as well as three-phase asynchronous motor. Secondly, the cooling fan is always running whether your motor is on or off. Finally, you have to reset the hertz according to your motor parameters.

The input of 110v speed control is 1 or 3 phase, and output is 3 phase. If you’re new to driving a VFD, you should follow the instructions carefully before heading the operation. By the way, if you don’t know how to make an ac motor variable speed, you’re always invited to drop a message to this manufacturer for further guidance.

Here are some highlight features:

Potentiometer Control

There is a potentiometer to control the VFD smoothly. In addition, it ensures motor rotation flexibility. However, the motor rotation speed range is 0 to 24000 RPM so that you can easily adjust it according to your needs.

Motor Control

First, you should input the wire to the VFD and connect the three output wires to the motor. Secondly, set both Hartz frequencies. Then, finally, it’s ready to go.

Cooling Fan

As mentioned above, it features an excellent heavy-duty cooling fan. This fan has numerous advantages, such as it can cool down the VFD under heavy heat, make sustainable temperature, and ensure VFD’s longevity.


  • Very Versatile tools.
  • It’s one of the best small motor speed controllers for the lathe.
  • Great VFD Controller.
  • Great built-in quality.
  • It comes at an affordable price.


  • Confusing interface!

4. SZCY LLC – 220v single phase to 3 phase VFD for lathe

220v Single Phase To 3 Phase VFD

Are you looking for the best frequency drive for single phase motor? If your answer is positive, then you may consider this VFD for your lathe. However, it’s a super affordable VFD that offers a price under hundred dollars. As mentioned in the title, it is single phase induction motor speed controller with 3 phase output. Usually, it has multiple applications such as drill press, CNC, Spindle motor, lathe, compressor, etc.

Most highlighted Features:

Mighty cooling fan

There is a powerful cooling fan inside the VFD to ensure safety and overheating. However, it’s durable and produces less noise during operation.

The Circuit boards

The circuit board is anti-paint protection and screwed, which makes it more durable.

Moveable Digital panel

There is a removable digital panel for convenient operation, and even it has an extended cord for the numerical control machine.


  • A great choice for the belt grinder.
  • It is surprisingly flexible and configurable.
  • This VFD offers an excellent function and easy to install.
  • Perfect VFD for the money.
  • It worked great as advertised.


  • Some people find it expensive.

5. Vomvomp – 110v variable frequency drive for lathe. 

110v Variable Frequency Drive

What will happen if you get the best 110v variable frequency drive for your lathe. On the other hand, if you need a mini lathe speed controller, it’s the best option for your ultimate satisfaction. However, check below for a detailed overview.

Single Phase circuit:

This small VFD drive is a single phase asynchronous variable speed ac motor controller.

The Body design:

It comes with a 100% human-proof safety design and perfect for small motor speed control. However, it delivers precious service as well as consume less power compared to other VFD in this list. In fact, its price under fifty dollars which is quite affordable.


  • Best small motor speed controller for the price.
  • It worsks flawlessly as advertised.
  • If you’re looking for the 24v garage motor you should have it.


  • It seems cheap.

The ultimate VFD for lathe Buying Guide: 

If you’re in a hurry and want to know how to buy a VFD speed controller, here is the ultimate buying guide. There is an essential information list to check before heading the purchasing process. By the way, you’ll get the below checklist on the motor features such as HP (Horsepower), Full load Amps, RPM, Voltage, Service factor, and inverter duty, etc. Furthermore, some other data is required while selecting the lathe, like types of load, motor control, speed range, and specific requirement.

However, these things are essential elements to check to get the best Variable Frequency Drive for lathes. Now, I’m going to discuss each one of them elaborately.

After getting all the information, it’s time to crossmatch your lathe and the potential VFD drives. If you’re a professional, you’ll find it silly but essential for the novice.

FLA – (Full Load Amps)

In terms of sizing the VFD, the FLA plays an important role. While you’re comparing the FLA of any motor, you should also check the VFD amp ratings. If you think that both seem suitable for each other, you should definitely go with that. Furthermore, the FLA is essential when your motor provides constant torque load or is difficult to start. I must say, if you’re a professional, it’s not regretful to have a high amp rating. On the other hand, in the beginning, a higher amp costs a lot.

HP – (Horsepower)

Horsepower is the primary indicator to look in a VFD for the lathe. However, while searching for the best variable frequency drive, you should check the HP for both machines to fit and work diligently.

Variable Voltage

The variable frequency drive for three phase motor input is comparatively easy. Although, you have to match the VFD and Motor voltage on your working site. Somehow if the voltage doesn’t match each other, you may require specialists to set up the voltage combination. Usually, the low voltages are 208, 230/240, 460/480 VAC, but you have hired an engineer for medium or higher voltages as mentioned above.

Type of Load 

There is a two type of load such as constant and variable torque. Whether you need a constant torque or variable torque, they both have different advantages and disadvantages.

Variable Torque

If you’re looking for something centrifugal pump, fan, or others machines, variable torque is the ultimate choice. So, what is the advantage of variable torque? The energy savings ability is the primary reason for installing variable frequency drives in centrifugal machinery.

E.g., a pump requires only 50% torque while it’s running at 100%. Here is the area where Variable torque does its job. The VFD allows the motor to reduce energy and consume the exact amount that is required.

Constant Torque 

As its name indicates what it is all about. However, it means that a constant torque drive’s current capacity 160 percent or more for a minute, whereas the variable frequency drives require 130 percent current for one minute. Whether you need less or more, you should have something that provides constant torque.

Speed Limit

To be honest, the speed range is an important consideration factor to look at before making any purchase. However, you’ll damage your motor if you run at below or above a 20 percent speed rate. If you run the motor below speed, you should also install a cooling motor for unexpected overheating. On the other hand, it’s not advisable to run the motor at 20% over speed rating. Furthermore, you should also check your motor manufacturer’s features before operating the speed range.

In addition, while checking speed range should also check the FLA rating whether it allows you to run the motor consistently or not.

Two types of Control Method

The variable frequency drive could be controlled in two ways, such as two and three-wire control. Check below,

Two-wire control method

While you’re dealing with a two-wire controlling method to operate the VFD, you have required only one switch to start and stop. Another advantage of this method is that if you lose the power with a particular command, it will work again when electricity is restored and start working where it stopped.

Three-wire control method

Usually, a three-wire controlled VFD motor comes with two switches, one to start and another to stop. Therefore, you need a variable frequency drive with a 3-wire controlling method when running the heavy factory or industry.

Variable frequency drive motor FAQs

How to size a VFD for a motor?

It’s simple to size a VFD for a motor. It requires 2x Full load Ampere (FLA) for single-phase input on a three-phase VFD. For example, if your fan’s motor is five horsepower with an FLA fourteen amps, here, you have to pick a VFD that comes with ten HP and 28 amps.

How to vary the speed of an ac motor?

I believe you want to know the most famous AC motor’s speed control, so how to make an ac motor variable speed? First of all, you’ll have to pick a Variable frequency drive (VFD) AC controller. With this variable motor controller, you can vary the speed of an ac motor. At the same time, you may ask how to control electric motor speed, and the answer remains the same.

How to Select the best VFD to Drive Your Motor?

First of all, the motor and VFD rated output voltage should be the same. Secondly, you should make sure that VFD comes with higher-rated power.  It ensures smooth operating and absolute stability. Finally, a small VFD suitable for loading the small motor.

Final Verdict

I’ve gathered top-rated 5 VFD speed control from the best list. You’ll not regret it if you choose any one of them. However, you have to decide to purchase according to your needs at the end of the day.

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