Top 10 Best Spray Paint For Plastic 2021 [Ultimate Guide]

Just like metals and other elements, plastics become tarnished easily because of the changes in the environment. Good spray paint will turn your garden chair or your latest patio furniture into something desirable. Finding a suitable spray paint for plastic can be hectic because many of them chip away easily, leaving a bad look.

This guide will help you understand the concepts of the best spray paints for plastic. It will also be easy for you to decide what paint you should use for your cabinet. Plastic items are durable, and to maintain them, you need to give them a new facelift.

Our team has worked hard to analyze the best sources to come up with this guide. Every single word of this review is critical to making an informed decision. Feel free to interact with the guide, and trust me, you’ll get more knowledge about plastic sprays than you came.

Top 10 Best Spray Paint for Plastic reviews in 2021

Perhaps you have seen from the media and various sources that the entire world is fighting against plastic pollution. We can effectively fight this challenge by maintaining the plastic items we have right from our homes.

If you understand the best way to give your plastic items a better look, you cannot throw your plastic chairs away. Spray paints for plastics are not only critical for painting but are essential in conserving the environment. Stick to the guide until the last word to learn more about these paints and the type of paint you should choose.

1. rustoleum plastic spray paint – 211338 – best plastic spray paint.

Best Plastic Spray Paint

When it comes to plastic painting, few brands can compete with Oleum 211338. The spray is ideal for both your indoor and outdoor plastic items. The paint solves your needs, such as short-lasting plastic due to the paint’s wear-out.

You can easily spray the paint on PVC, fiberglass, polypropylene, resin, and vinyl plastic items. This paint has fewer effects on the environment and will not react with your plastic materials at any given time. I suggest you choose this spray paint due to its affordability and efficiency to counter corrosion.

How long do you think ordinary spray paint takes to dry on a plastic material? It probably one hour or more, depending on the concentration of the paint. However, Rust-Oleum paint will dry after only 20 minutes, and you can guess the difference between this paint from other traditional paints.


  • It is ideal for painting all types of plastic, including the notorious PVC.
  • The paint will dry faster than most ordinary paints.
  • It is long-lasting paint that ensures superior adhesion.
  • It provides a better retention rate of the spray for color nourishment.
  • The paint does not require any other primer.


  • The silver option is not much appealing as other colors.

2. Rustoleum spray paint for plastic – 327874 American Accents Spray Paint.

Rustoleum Spray Paint For Plastic

Rust-Oleum spray is a highly efficient paint, and that’s why most professionals use it when dealing with plastics. This model is much like the Oleum 211338 but comes with some exciting features than the former. Apart from painting the plastics, this paint allows you to refine your metal items, wood, and ceramic.

Oleum 327874 is a well know brand for versatility and performance. The paint comes with a superb protection feature again finger fatigue with its all angled sprayer. That gives you more comfortability when you are painting, and it will reduce itchiness on your fingers as well.

The paint also dries after 20 minutes regardless of the kind of material you are painting. Furthermore, you should not be worried much about the spray’s durability because it was structured to last on any material for ages. The best part is that the paint will not react to your plastic items, which results in a harmful material.


  • The spray comes with a shiny appearance.
  • It is more comfortable to paint in areas above your reach.
  • Oleum 327874 dries up faster than the normal sprays.
  • It is a versatile paint with a variety of applications.
  • You can paint a wider surface with a single drop.


  • It is difficult to use a clear topcoat with this paint.

3. Krylon Camouflage Paint – Premium Pick.

Krylon Camouflage Paint

Krylon is one of the most significant competitors of Rust-Oleum when it comes to plastic spray paints. This brand is a better choice for adding value to your plastic materials and comes with a greater ability to transform your items into almost brand-new ones.

The spray adheres to all the rules of safe paints and will not lead to any intoxicated materials for your indoor items. You’ll not be forced to conduct any sanding or priming on your already painted surface. The paint will stick well on the surface within a few minutes.

You should expect Krylon to be durable, and that’s why I recommend this paint for painting outdoor items like a garden chair. The paint is resistant to fading such that after seven of painting is will be difficult to chip the spray. Krylon is all about saving money because you’ll not need to pay extra bucks to purchase a primer.


  • It is a durable paint that doesn’t chip in whatever situation.
  • The paint is affordable, and you’ll pay extra to get a primer.
  • It dries up fast.
  • Krylon is resistant to abrasion and fading.
  • No sanding is required on the surface after painting.


  • You cannot use the paint to spray ceramic or other giant structured items.

4. Krylon K08973007 SUPER MAXX All-In-One Spray Paint

krylon spray paint colors

When it comes to painting, few sprays can do the task perfectly, like this Krylon spray. The paint will promise total rust protection of the area in question, thereby maximizing your outdoor items’ lifespan. Also, it guarantees a powerful adhesion, and you can count the paint as your best friend for cleaning up your indoor tools.

The paint will be comfortable with your hands with the new easy push tip sprayer feature that gives you a better grip. This feature will prevent your finger from getting fatigued easily and help you paint extra items on a typical day.

Another great thing about this paint is the fact that you can choose from a variety of multiple colors. All the color options are shiny when applied to any surface. Also, the paint is consistent with the previous painting, and if you are not a fan of change, it will remain almost the same appearance as your plastic items.


  • The paint is the first option for rust protection.
  • It comes with superior adhesion.
  • The durability of the spray is unquestionable.
  • You can choose your variety from a wide range of colors.
  • It is comfortable to use thanks to the push spray tip.


  • It lacks the flexibility of painting a different variety of surfaces.

5. Krylon K02323007 Fusion for Plastic Spray Paint.

Krylon K02323007 Fusion for Plastic Spray Paint

Krylon is great to spray paint, and you must have noticed that by the number of these paints on our list. This paint is not different from the other family member because it comes with similar features and capabilities. However, it has some unique features, such as the superb smooth finish that makes your cabinet more appealing.

The paint has an elegant design, and you can decide to gift your friends too to paint their aging chairs. You’ll love the dial spray tip that comes with this paint. The tip can swivel 360 degrees, and it’s an EZ touch, which makes the painting more comfortable and fun.

One of the biggest problems with ordinary paints is their failure to blend with PVC for a better finish. However, Krylon K02323007 bonds quite well with your plastic and PVC for a better-looking surface that does not require sanding. The spray can dry in 15 minutes, making it one of the highly efficient sprays in history.


  • It has a unique design.
  • The paint promises a better smooth finish for your plastic materials.
  • You’ll not require sanding to make your items elegant.
  • It works efficiently on PVC, resins, and most plastics.
  • Krylon 02323007 dries faster than most expensive paints.


  • It can release some small clumps of paint that are irreversible.

6. Krylon K02333007 – krylon fusion paint for plastic.

Krylon Fusion Paint For Plastic

There is something in Krylon that makes them remain among the world’s best plastic spray paint. I’ll recommend this paint over the expensive models due to its simplicity and performance. You don’t even require a primer to get the feeling of good paint.

The paint is ideal for both indoor and outdoor plastic items, and you should be sure that the spray won’t affect the environment in any way. It dries up faster and will save you a lot of time and trouble figuring out how long you will wait for you to sit on your favorite chair.

Another reason why I recommend this Krylon is the promising 360-degree spray tip. It is a dual tip with an EZ touch. You’ll find it easy and comfortable to paint using this dial tip. The paint is chip-resistant such that after 7 days of the painting, not one can chip the spray.


  • You don’t need priming or sanding.
  • It dries within 15 minutes of painting and will save you time.
  • The paint is resistant to chips.
  • It is more comfortable to use.
  • Apart from plastics, the paint bonds well with resins and PVC too.


  • The paint can strip down but on rare occasions.

7. rustoleum plastic paint- Black Automotive 248649 12-Ounce.

Rustoleum Plastic Paint

How can you differentiate a top paint from a poor one? The best way to do that is by checking whether the paint bonds well with the surface. Rust-Oleum 248649 is one kind of paint you can use in automotive plastics, and I would recommend this paint to all mechanics.

The paint renews and restores your plastic in a way you have never experienced before. It also ensures that the painted material is free from rust and will give most of your plastic items an extended life span.

You can spray the paint at any angle without getting exhausted. It comes with a dual spray tip that can swivel in any direction for easy panting. Apart from applying in automotive plastics, this paint can also be used in other materials such as polystyrene, resin, fiberglass, and polypropylene.


  • It is easy to use.
  • You can paint at any given direction with the dial spray tip.
  • It has a wide range of applications.
  • The paint can be relied upon in the automotive industry.
  • It can be used for both indoor and outdoor plastic items.


  • It is not a UV resistant spray.

8. Krylon K02534000 – krylon fusion for plastic brush on paint.

Krylon Fusion For Plastic Brush On Paint

Working with Krylon K02534000 paint is easier and more comfortable than most ordinary paints. It comes in various shiny colors, and I suggest you make it among your list of durable paints.

The paint can penetrate most surfaces well and creates a thick layer on top that cannot be chipped. It dries within 15 minutes, and that’s is faster than even preparing the quickest meals. It is an affordable paint that will not require priming or sanding, which makes it reliable.

This Krylon perfectly bonds with most plastics, resin, and PVC. Although it is not a good choice on metallic surfaces, it can work well with semi-metallic structure and semi-glasses. It is Krylon, and you should expect it to be more comfortable when painting.


  • It takes less time to dry.
  • You can use it on plastic, resin, PVC, and wicker surfaces.
  • The spray tip does not drip.
  • It is reliable when painting larger surfaces.
  • The paint can withstand tough weather conditions.


  • It is not as glossy as most Krylon paints.

9. Krylon K02438001 – krylon fusion for plastic spray paint.

Krylon Fusion For Plastic Spray Paint

This paint is popular among most people because it is one of the cheapest plastic spray paints. The latter doesn’t sacrifice quality with price and comes with a fantastic design for your domestic appliances.

It bonds well with your plastic items to produce an astonishing satin finish—also, the paint bonds with other materials such as PVC and resin. You should expect the spray to dry after 15 minutes of painting.

After drying, you’ll be amazed at how capable the paint is in turning a less desirable structure into an eye-catching surface. Another great feature of this paint is its adjustable touch fan spray that gives you the flexibility you need to keep your fingers on the task.


  • It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Dries in 15 minutes.
  • The paint is good for plastic, resin, PVC, and nylon.
  • It comes with an adjustable touch spray tip for comfortability.
  • You don’t need priming or sanding.


  • It can peel off the external part of plastic items if applied excessively.

10. Krylon K02424001 – krylon fusion for plastic.

Krylon Fusion For Plastic

This paint is a great choice for the money, and I would recommend it because of its ability to perform well on multiple surfaces. It is a good option for turning your plastics from old to new and maintaining the color of your tarnished indoor items.

K02424001 is perfect for fighting rust for your semi-metallic items, and it will protect your PVC against corrosion. In most cases, you can use this paint to beautify laminates and plastics, protecting against the sun’s harsh rays.

It has an easy push spray tip that can rotate up to 360 degrees to paint more items without fatigue better. Another great reason for choosing this paint is its ability to resist chipping once dried.


  • It has superior adhesion.
  • Bonds with plastics, resin, and PVC.
  • You don’t need to sand your surface before painting.
  • It is easy to use the spray tip, which turns up to 360 degrees.
  • The paint can withstand harsh conditions.


  • The coats can bubble up if you perform several coats.

How to Choose the best Spray Paint for Plastic

Spray paint for plastic has nowadays become part and parcel of our daily practices. This is because every one of us wants to live in a beautiful and colorful environment. Research states that almost everybody (around 90%) is currently engaging in plastic spray painting to live in a classy environment.

In as much as we all want to paint our plastics, we need to take time to familiarize ourselves with the best spray paint and apply them correctly. One of the key things is choosing the right and the best spray paint for your plastics.

This will make them last long, beautiful, and classy. Join me as I categorically explain the most important parts about the spray paint for plastic. Here are the main features that you should keenly look at before purchasing spray paint for plastic:

Paint Quality

The quality of spray paint for plastic is essential as it directs you to know it’s quality. Mostly in spray paint, the cheapest ones are usually of low quality, unlike the expensive ones. I will highly recommend buying quality spray paint as they last longer and make your plastic durable. Buy spray paint from a recognized brand to get better results.

Moisture Resistance

Good spray paint should be resistant to moisture. This is because the paint will be able to prevent plastics from rusting. Moisture resistance will prevent insecticides from destroying the plastic. When plastic can access moisture automatically, it will be wet.

Once it is wet, then water will be able to accumulate in it hence corrode the painting. Insects like ants will also find the advantage of eating plastic. Therefore, to avoid such incidence, use a moisture resistance paint. A moisture resistance paint will ensure that the plastic is free from rusting. Buy and use a moisture resistance spray paint for your plastic.

Mixture Quality

For you to have the right spray paint for your plastic, ensure the mixture quality is achieved. Mostly, the mixture is usually of the same proportion. This is to mean 1:1. To get the best mixture quality to ensure you put an equal amount of the intended samples.

This will help you achieve the best uniform color for your plastic. Once you get the wrong paints or put different proportions, you will automatically have the wrong product. Therefore, your plastic will have the wrong result. Have the right mixture of quality to produce the best color and quality. This will result in painting your plastic in the best way.

Cure Time 

Patience pays. In spray painting, you need to take time and caution to have the best result. You should adhere to the cure time and wait until your plastic is ready for use. Once you decide not to follow the cure time, then you’ll interfere with the spray. It is usually given time so that it can stick well on the plastic. When you touch the plastic before the required time, then you’ll interfere with the painting.

Can Quality

The quality of the can will make you know the quality of the spray paint. If the quality has a stronger and heavy quality, then you are good to go. On top of the can, you will find more information about the spray paint. The can quality is usually key in determining the quality of the spray paint.


Spray paints for plastics are available in different budgets. The quality, size, brand, and other features all affect the price. Before you choose any spray, always examine your budget needs. This will help you get a quality spray paint for plastic that is within your budget. You can get expensive, mid-prices, and affordable spray paints to match your budget requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is the ideal paint for outdoor plastic?

A: Depending on the outside climatic conditions, you can always select a paint that does well for outdoor plastic materials. Krylon has some of the best paints you can use for the plastic items you will need to use outdoors. Most paints for outdoor plastics are water-resistant, durable, ultraviolent resistance. The paints are available in different colors; they are easy and pocket friendly.

Q: How to Spray Paint Plastic?

A: Whenever your furnishings lose, they polish, it’s always a good idea to spray plastic paint on them. Spraying plastic paint is the simplest way to renovate them. Here are steps on how to spray plastic paint;

Clean the surface project off the plastic you want to paint. Doing this doesn’t only clean the surface but also removes any other materials covering the item. You use paint thinner for cleaning new plastic surfaces, and ammonia made cleaner for cleaning the older plastic.

Gently sand the plastic surface and remove any dirt, dust and allow it to dry well. Spray the paint as per the instructions written on the container. If the items more than one coating, give a time difference for the paint to dry before reapplying.

Q: Will plastic paintwork on glass?

You can use plastic paint on glass, but it will not properly stick on the glass. It’s always best to get the best color and final look to the glass’s right product.

Q: Does acrylic paintwork on plastic?

The answer is yes; you can as well use acrylic paintwork on plastics. A point to note is that acrylic is mainly not for plastic materials is mostly does well with wood and ceramic. To paint it on plastic, you will need to well clean the surface, and after applying the acrylic, you will seal it off.

The paint will not last so long on the plastic, especially if you use it frequently. You can use a base coat made of plastic materials. By this, the acrylic paint can last some more days on the plastic.

Q: What to Look for in A Good Plastic Spray Paint?

Here is some feature to consider when buying plastic spray paint.


of the paint is an essential feature to look for in a good plastic spray paint. Select a brand paint that stays up on the item for a longer period, even when used for outdoor activities. Quality matters!


 Most paints are commonly endangered to water directly and the amount of water present in the air. When purchasing paint, it good to select the water-resistant paint, even for the items you will paint for indoor use.

Uv radiation resistance

The UV light, if it gets direct to the painted items, the painting may peel off. It’s crucial to choose the paint that has UV resistance.

Q: Can you use any spray paint on plastic?

Not all spray paints work well with plastic! There are paints are for painting plastic materials, and those are the ones you should go for. If you are looking for a long-lasting paint for your plastics, you shouldn’t use just any paint. From the paint cans or containers, most manufacturers indicate the kind of materials it works for best. When you use the right paint on your plastics, you will avoid fading, peeling off, and splitting from the material you just painted.

Q: What paint works on plastic?

A: When painting plastics, it’s always a good thing to use paints for plastic materials. These three kinds of paints do well with plastic. These are single coat, beautifying, and functional, as elaborated more below.

Single coat

By this kind of paint, you directly paint on the plastic without applying a base coat. This paint sticks well to the plastic. You need to select the correct color for the material you want to paint.


As the word suggests, this kind of paint majors on the looks of your items. It comes in different forms like spray, liquid, and liquid form, and you can mainly use it indoors.


This kind of paint is meant to add gloss to the plastics. You can find it in large containers, and it’s thicker than others.

Final Verdict

The best spray paints for plastic come from either Krylon or Rust-Oleum series. Take your time to pass through the guide and choose any of our items. All these paints promise a higher spraying efficiency, and they bond well with plastic, PVC, and resin. Once you begin painting, make sure to spray evenly to get the maximum performance from any of the paints.

I recommend Rust-Oleum 211338 paint as the best choice for plastic spraying because it does not bubble up regardless of the coatings. Also, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor items and will perfectly beautify your vinyl plastics. Overall, most of the paints in our list are oil-based formulas, and you’ll not need a primer.

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