Top 10 Best Riding Mower Battery In 2021 [Ultimate Guide]

Individuals with large backyard lawns require a riding lawn mower to carry out grass-cutting activities. The best riding mower battery is a significant part of the proper functioning and maintenance of a mower. All lawnmower batteries need replacement after some time. 

However, an excellent battery reduces the chances of frequently replacing batteries. Choosing an outstanding seems like a difficult task as there are many batteries in the market today.

Different batteries are suitable for different types of riding mowers. Some batteries are durable, while others fail the moment you start using them. To avoid purchasing improper products, carry out enough research before settling on any product. With a few pieces of information from the internet, you can get a good battery that perfectly suits your mower. For light readers, we got you all. There is no need to keep searching for the best article about mowers. This is it! Keep reading to learn more about lawnmower batteries.

What Is the Best Riding Mower Battery?

Riding lawn mowers play a big role in the lives of those with huge lawns. Riding lawn mowers are so powerful, and so their batteries have to be powerful. A good battery will make your tractor work efficiently, and you will not have to replace the batteries frequently. Finding the best lawn mower battery in the interest of most people.

A good battery should offer quality results. There are many good batteries on the market, but which one is the best? Selecting a quality battery is not an easy task. First, you have to identify the type of battery you want. Also, know the type of machine you own. This will make it easy for you to choose a good battery for your mower. We researched the internet and came up with a list of the best mower batteries in the market. Check out the article so that you can find the battery for your machine.

Top 10 best lawn mower battery 2021

Compare the top characteristics of these recommended riding mower batteries. We selected great products that will give you better performance and longer run time.

1. mighty max battery review : 12V 35AH- best sla battery.

Mighty Max Battery Review

Mighty max battery is an excellent option for your mower. The lightweight battery has a voltage of 12 volts. It contains a valve regulated feature that provides superior performance compared to other products.

Besides, this product has a wide operating range. The product works well in both low and high temperatures. So, no need to think about humidity or heat. Also, you can place the battery in any position. You are not limited to a specific position.

The rechargeable battery is easy to mount. This product is safe to use as it resists shocks and vibrations. This product features a 12V 35AH Sealed Lead Acid battery cell type. It contains dimensions of 7.68 inches x 5.16 inches x 7.13 inches.


  • It is durable and provides high performance.
  • You can reuse it since it is rechargeable.
  • It contains a sealed lead acid battery cell type.
  • Mountable in various positions.


  • Lacks mounting accessories.
  • It does not include a wire harness.
  • You cannot use it as a powerful battery.

2. best deep cycle battery – SLA Replacement 12V 35AH AGM Battery.

best riding lawn mower battery

This is a 12 voltage 35 amp-hour sealed lead-acid battery that provides a useful fit. Deep cycle 12v 35 ah is compatible with mobile phones. The battery provides highly versatile services and ease of use for riding mowers.

It has a special housing design to make it compatible with a wide range of electric equipment from mobile scooters to alarm systems. Additionally, the battery has T3 terminals, and you can mount them in different positions. The inside acid features AGM [absorbed glass mat] technology, making it a spill-proof battery.

You will get the battery you charge it fully; therefore, you can use it once it arrives. Consequently, you only need to connect the battery, and you are ready to go. With this battery, you will enjoy a long life cycle, no leaks, no spills, and you don’t need to do a water check.


  • The inside acid features AGM technology.
  • It comes with a full charge.
  • It can be mounted in any position.
  • It contains high amp hours.
  • Requires low maintenance.
  • Has versatile applications.


  • The battery tends to charge slowly.
  • Shipping damages.
  • Limited to some machines.

3. ExpertPower battery review: 12 Volt 20 Ah-  best rechargeable sla battery. 

ExpertPower Battery Review

EXP12200 is a high performing battery and features durable construction. It is popular for its strong external shell, which prevents the internal objects from being destroyed.

The sealed lead-acid battery resists shocks and vibrations effectively. EXP12200 features the AGM technology, which enables it to function within a wide range of temperatures. The B1 terminals within the battery help to suit different types of riding mowers. Installation is straightforward since the battery is lightweight.

EXP12200 utilizes a valve regulated and maintenance-free operation for extra stability and smoother performance. Plus, the spill-proof construction allows you to use the battery for outdoor activities. This product is durable, and therefore investing in it is a good thing.


  • Rechargeable battery with b1 terminals to suit different types of riding mowers.
  • Installation is easy.
  • User-friendly and maintenance-free.
  • Features a spill-proof construction.
  • Lightweight battery.


  • The battery takes too long to recharge.
  • If not fully charged, the battery does not last long.
  • Not compatible with any other device.

4. chrome battery reviews : YTX5L-BS iGel lead acid battery.

Chrome Battery Reviews

Enjoy high performance and maintenance-free use with this excellent battery. Using this battery is easy because it comes fully charged hence ready to use. You only need to connect it to your ideal applications and enjoy great use.

It contains smart technology features. The battery is a LED digital display screen that provides a screen that indicates the battery’s alternator voltage and shows you when the battery is on low voltage. Being an Igel battery, it contains a maintenance-free operation.

This battery features tough bridge welding to ensure no vibrations take place. This makes it a perfect choice for power sports adventures. You will also love using this battery because it features premium quality materials tested for performance, compatibility, and safety.


  • Contains gel electrolytes.
  • It comes when fully charged.
  • Features a maintenance-free operation.
  • It includes smart technology features.
  • You will not experience spills or leaks.


  • The battery dies in a few months of use.
  • It doesn’t hold a charge.

5. ExpertPower EXP12180 Lead Acid Battery: Best lawn tractor battery.

Best Lawn Tractor Battery

EXP12180 is among the highly rated sealed lead acid batteries; the battery can fit in your riding mower and serve you for a very long time. The long-lasting housing case features a non-conductive ABS plastic make. This construction offers protection against shocks and any other effects accompanied by heavy use.

The construction also offers resistance to any damages from vibrations, chemical spills, and high temperatures. Furthermore, this product utilizes AGM technology and is, therefore, safe to use. It has a wide range of temperatures hence can operate in different environments.

It’s easy to install. Hence you can complete your work in good time. You will also appreciate the spill-proof construction of this battery that ensures you get a safe operation when using it in any position.


  • Durable and rechargeable.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • The case features a non-conductive ABS plastic hence safe for use.
  • The product is surge resistant.
  • Features AGM technology, which enables spill-proof operation.


  • Needs regular recharging.
  • The battery is not long-lasting.
  • Some users get the battery dead.

6. ytx12-bs battery review : Rechargeable Sealed AGM iGel Battery.

Ytx12-Bs Battery Review

This type of battery is used in motorcycles and works well for riding mowers. This heavy-duty battery has 120 watts of power to provide optimal performance. In addition to this, these batteries come fully charged and so are very ready for use. All that is needed is connecting to your motorcycle, and you are good to go.

Smart technology is another thing they are known for because they have LED Digital screens. This screen is beneficial and crucial because it warns you when the voltage is running low by providing a display that reads the voltage. The battery is maintenance-free and offers high-quality operation since it utilizes absorbent glass mat technology and lead-calcium alloy.


  • You will enjoy excellent customer service.
  • They come fully charged.
  • Maintenance-free operation because of the gel electrolytes.
  • Warns you of low voltage through the LED Digital screens.
  • Works great as a replacement.


  • It does not hold a charge and has slow charging cycles.
  • It does not work with large V-twin engines.

7. Chrome Battery YTX4L-BS: best lead acid battery for mower. 

Best Lead Acid Battery For Mower

This another rechargeable battery you can buy for your riding mower. They come fully charged, and so you can connect it to your motorcycle, and you are ready to go.

Smart technology is another thing you will love about this battery. The screen is conducive because it warns you in case of low voltage by displaying the voltage reads. Additionally, you can also see the voltage of your battery. Unlike other batteries, you will not experience leaks, spills, and water checks.

You can enjoy a longer lifecycle than other SLA batteries. This battery also features robust bridge welding, so you will not experience vibrations. This makes it an excellent choice for sports adventurers. They use gel electrolytes that are injected into the igel batteries to ensure the operation is maintenance-free.


  • They come fully charged.
  • Maintenance-free operation because of the gel electrolytes injected in the igel batteries.
  • Warns you of low voltage and reads the current-voltage through the LED Digital screens.
  • Easy to install.
  • Has no spills or leaks.


  • The battery doesn’t last long.
  • It is too small.

8. Universal Group UPG 12V 35AH : best sealed lead acid battery for riding mower.

Best Sealed Lead Acid Battery For Riding Mower

If you need quality batteries for backup or other uses, this one will be great. It comes at an affordable price and provides excellent and reliable performance. Moreover, the battery has various benefits to work in wheelchairs, scooters, and even alarm systems. This means that they can work wonderfully even as replacements. They are of high quality and have exact dimensions as previously used batteries, making them suitable replacements.

They are good batteries for setting up solar-powered lighting. With these, there is no need for running power. They have a charge controller with an on/off timer and a 30 Watt solar panel.


  • Work as great replacements.
  • Hold charge for long.
  • Cost excellent prices.
  • Free and fast shipping and trackable delivery.
  • Run even after a long time.


  • No negative feedback.

9. mighty max batteries reviews : ML9-12 – 12 V 9 Ah Rechargeable. 

mighty max batteries reviews

Get the power you need with this mighty battery. It features a quality calcium-ion grid to offer exceptional use for various applications. You can put this battery in any position, which enables resistance to shocks and vibrations. It is of The Mighty Max Battery brand, has a voltage of 12 volts, and is spill-proof.

The battery is Sealed with Lead Acid making it maintenance-free and rechargeable. So, you can use it over and over again. Moreover, you will enjoy a durable performance regardless of the temperature.

Devices such as an electric scooter, even solar work well with this battery. In addition to this, they work as perfect and easy replacements. Having precisely the same size, same terminals, and an extra Ah of power proves a suitable replacement.


  • Works as a perfect replacement for many diverse devices.
  • The battery is rechargeable and so can be reused.
  • Outstanding quality battery electrically and mechanically.
  • The cost is reasonable, fair, and worthy.
  • It resists shocks and vibration because you can put it in any position.


  • It doesn’t last long.
  • Sloppy packing which leads to damages on arrival.
  • Not replaceable once it gets damaged.

10. ML18 – 12 12V 18 AH SLA Battery – best riding lawn mower battery.

Best Lawn Mower Battery

This battery is rechargeable and can be put in any position, which avoids shocks and vibrations. Therefore, you can repeatedly use it and save yourself from buying new batteries all the time.

Compatible with many devices like solar panels making it a suitable replacement. You can also utilize it in many applications like electronic vehicles, power sports, and even engine starters.

The battery is very well sealed with plates that keep the electrolyte contained, ensuring that there will be no spills or leaks, which is good. This keeps you from always worrying about your battery because they are packed in high quality and durable.


  • The battery is rechargeable.
  • Easy to use, lighter, smaller, and so portable.
  • Charges easy and fast.
  • Easy to install.
  • Works as a suitable replacement in many different devices.


  • It feels cheap, and it doesn’t last long.
  • Complaints of leaking.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Riding Mower Battery?

If you want to enjoy a comfortable time maintaining your lawn, it is great to consider the type of riding mower you purchase. The market is flooded with many models, which makes it hard to fish out the right one. These tools vary greatly considering their design, features, size, operation, and price, among others.

Therefore, you need to be keen when investing in a riding mower. We know the battery plays a considerable part in these tools. You want to enjoy using the mower without frequently stopping to charge the battery. To enable you to pick a high-quality battery for your riding mower, we have some essential pointers that you should always have in mind. These tips will help you choose a high-quality battery with a longer run time and durable use.


This is used to rate a battery even for a mower, if not the amps. The volts compute the voltage. You need different voltages when undertaking different tasks, so it’s good to know and understand that the volts change. A well maintained and perfectly charged battery contains a voltage of 12volts, which comes in handy, especially when working for a longer period.

It’s a major feature since it determines how the battery conducts. Additionally, it is advisable to work with the right voltage for specific machines to avoid damage, too high voltages can destruct your mower. Circumstances, where the high voltage is essential is mostly when the power is transferred for longer destinations. After accounting for all that, it’s also important to know that the voltage is vital for power operation.

CCA – Cold Cranking Amp

It evaluates the current that a battery can transfer in a given period. Depending on the time of the engine you are using, either a big or small engine. Bigger engines require a battery with a high cold cranking amp for it to start; otherwise, it becomes hard to start the engine whenever CCA is low. Having the right power classification makes your work with the mower very effective and makes the battery serve you a good period without breakdown.

A standard battery could take you through and work well for up to four years, of course, when you apply proper maintenance. Cold weather conditions make the engine’s oils dense, which lowers energy production produced by electricity. Availability of cold cranking amp comes in handy when starting the engine in those cold temperatures.

The Battery’s Constructions Material

There are various battery types, and each of the batteries has various materials you will need to select the best one. You will find batteries of different sizes, shapes, voltage, and different conformations in the market. This is very good! For a battery to function well, a chemical reaction must occur from both the positive and the negative terminals. The battery materials make it strong, just like the materials used to make the wheels. They can support the electrical motor plus the battery itself. Most of the materials are made of strong steel since It can withstand heavy materials and is durable.

Compatibility with The Battery Compartment

Monitoring the cold crank amps will help you determine a conformable battery. Getting a compatible battery is not hard when you know the proper voltage and the right sizes. Most batteries have a voltage of 12V; you will require that it matches with your mower.

If the elements of the mower are well compatible, be sure that the machine will work effectively. In some cases, when there is a failure with the tools, it’s good to check if the tools are properly undergoing. Some batteries tend not to work in some mowers, so it’s good to get one that fits. For a walk-behind mower and a riding mower, the voltages are usually different, and sometimes, it is written for the user to see the voltages.

On the other hand, for the walk-behind mower’s batteries, the positive is situated on the right, while that of a riding mower, the positive terminal is on the left. For efficiency, go for batteries with high rates, not batteries of a low rate. When you understand this, it will be an easy and quick task when replacing the battery. Always check the way of assembling the parts before starting the work.

Maintenance Concerns

This is the key to having a long-lasting mower battery. If it’s done properly and on time, the mower will be in good shape and work effectively. These are some parts you need to apply extra care to. They include the engine, the fuse, the output connector, the battery, and the charge lead.

When you clean and maintain these parts well, the mower can last longer. All the parts perform different functions, but it may affect the entire mower’s working ability if one fails. As part of maintaining, you would charge it when it is not in use and keep it indoors to avoid direct sunlight.


This guarantees to repair or replace the item of any form of damage that the producers are accountable for. After purchasing the products, ensure that they are inscribed for the warranty and get the records. Keep the records very well for future use.

Almost all products have a warrant, and the same applies to the mowers, where most of them have up to four to five years warrant. This gives the user confidence in the product even when in use. Despite all the products having a warranty, you will need to take care of the product while using them.


when purchasing the mower, you should look for good quality, and its price should be pocket friendly. With the latest technology, a customer can find various products at different prices depending on their budget.

On that note, one should also be very careful not to be more attracted to the low price and forget about the product quality. Good quality is not only effective when using them; they also last for a longer period. You get to select the kind of mower you want depending on your budget but be sure you can get it from any price range. How good is that?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the average life of a riding lawn mower battery?

A: The average duration of time that a lawnmower battery can last from three to four years. Here we are talking of a good battery of the best quality. With proper care, the battery will last you longer. It’s also always a good thing to ensure that the battery is fully charged and avoid charging it.

Another key thing is to ensure that you tighten any loose ends on the entire battery; you will need to check it frequently. When in cold temperatures, it’s good to keep the batteries in a warm house.

 Q: What kind of battery does my riding lawn mower need?

A: Finding the best battery for your lawnmower doesn’t have to be a hectic process as long as you know the features that it should have. Here are some basic things you should look for when purchasing a lawn mower battery; the voltage, end position, and the cold cranking amp.

The best way to know the right battery for your riding lawn mower is to enquire from the manual book that came along with the mower when you bought it. When you read the manual, you know the battery features that your riding lawn mower requires. Getting the right and fitting battery is key to having a good and effective working mower.

Q: How often should you replace the lawnmower battery? 

A: A good battery should last for about three to four years. The number of times you use the lawnmower and how well you maintain it could determine how often you should replace the battery. Before you think of changing your lawnmower battery, there are things you should look into and then later make the final decision.

  1. Interconnection of the switches- you should carefully check on the switches to ensure that they are well connected and not bent anyway. so the energy will flow effectively
  2. Defiance brought about by probably metal breakage due to rusting. Having water, metal, and other acids like sulfuric acid, rusting may easily occur.
  3. In the case of the battery’s total damage and it stops working, you would go for replacing it.

Q: How many amp-hours is a lawnmower battery? 

A: This the amount of charge getting to flow into the battery per given hour. The amp is mostly used to evaluate the battery or the volts at other times. Lately, most mowers have 12amp, which is adequate for everyday usage. It is always good to work with the right figures! Having the correct amp in your lawn mower battery will make you more effective and productive in your work area. This is crucial when it comes to the production and maintenance of your lawnmower battery. The key thing is always to ensure that the voltage is matching with the mower.

Q: Why does my lawnmower battery keep going dead? 

A: A proper tool should function very effectively without failure if all the parts are in good shape. Often check on the wires interconnected to the battery. When your lawn mower battery keeps on going off, that could be a good indication of some default that would call for an immediate check for the battery and the mowers.

When the battery is old, it tends not to detain charge for a more extended period. If a battery gets to its lifespan, which is mostly three to four years when it gets off and on, you can clearly understand that it’s time to do away with the battery.

Q: Why does my riding mower not charge the battery?

A: If this happens, the leading causes could be either the following among many others; when the electrical structure is not functioning properly, it could cause the battery not to charge. The battery itself could have spoilt totally, and in such a situation, it will not charge and will require replacement. Ensure that you frequently check the voltage that the battery yields.

Kindly ensure you join the wires connecting to the switch, and the battery is properly charging. Another thing that would cause your battery not to charge in the mower is if any fuse has burnt, so that you will check that.

Final verdict & recommendation

Choosing the best riding mower from the many options in the market today can be very challenging. Some products have very similar features, and this makes it even more challenging. We have recommended the best riding mower battery reviews and buyer’s guide to make your selection easy. These are the top-performing riding mower batteries, and therefore any one of them will work great on your mower.

Everyone has a specific feature he or she is looking for in a battery. Some want quality products at cheaper prices, while others are willing to spend. Therefore, for those looking for durability, efficiency, consistency, and great performance, I recommend you try the ExpertPower EXP 12180 sealed lead acid battery.

If you are conscious about value for money and, let’s say, versatility, the Mighty Max Battery Ml35-12Lead Acid Battery can be an effective option for you. The two above products are the best among the best. Yes, the others are also great. But in my opinion, the two have more excellent and advanced features.

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