10 Best Precision Screwdriver Set Reviews In 2021 [Guide]

With the advancement in technology, all the larger elements seem to be getting smaller every day. Talk about cellphones, cars, computers, and thermostats. You can close up all these products using bitty screws. It is great to have the best precision screwdriver set with multiple pieces for versatility.

Getting a good screwdriver set table can sometimes be challenging. There are a hundred types of these set in the market, and you have to decide which fit your daily tasks. However, we’ll guide you towards the best screwdriver set. We have researched different fields and analyzed multiple sources to offer you the best info you need for your next screwdriver set.

Top 10 Best Precision Screwdriver Set reviews 2021

Whether you are a plumber, a mechanic, or you are a fanatic of electronics, a precision screwdriver set is your best choice for multiple tasks. These sets can be costly, depending on the model you decide to go with. Besides, screwdriver set tables vary in quality, and you might buy a certain expensive model only to find out that the pieces therein are of low quality.

Do you need a companion for your daily DIY tasks? Well, a screwdriver set with several pieces can be your best friend. Stick with the guide to the last word to find out more about the best screwdriver set, what you should look for in a set table, and frequently asked questions about these sets.

1. Syntus Precision Screwdriver set – Best Value

Precision Screwdriver Set review

Syntus Screwdriver set is renowned for quality, affordability, and performance. This set comes with 63 pieces in the entire set, and you can use the screws to repair your broken fridge, phone, or even your game console. Besides, the 57 -bit driver set will uplift your career as a mechanic and help you deal with all types of computers and smartphones.

The set comes with an interesting design with a triangle plectrum that you can use for separating the multiple pieces in the set. Also, the plastic stick is essential for sliding such that you will have a good time removing and replacing a piece from the set. It is a high-performance precision screwdriver set with the ability to resist rust and serve you for an extended period.

You will get screws of different sizes and shapes. Some are triangular, square, tri-point, round, talk about any size and shape, and you’ll find a screw. One of the things that make the set spectacular is the shock-resistant steel that replaces the regular chrome-vanadium. That means you’ll not have any trouble playing with your little toys.


  • It comes with multiple pieces you can work with your smartphone and iPhone.
  • You’ll get a pull and press design, which saves you time for replacing a piece.
  • The packages allow better maintenance.
  • It offers versatile use.
  • The set is relatively affordable and efficient.


  • The bits occasionally strip off when you are not using.

2. Best Choice 9-piece Precision screwdriver set – premium pick

Best Choice Precision Screwdriver Set

You cannot talk about precision screwdriver sets and fail to mention this amazing table. Just as its name, the set is one of the best screwdrivers for 9-piece mini drivers. You’ll get a total of 9 pieces, which among them is 3 Philips. Also, there are 3 slotted and 3 Torx Star. All these pieces are of high quality, and their performance will amaze you.

One of the biggest drawbacks of many screwdriver sets is their inability to counter rust. Because of this, this set comes with a high-quality chrome vanadium steel that gives the entire set an ultra-protection against rust.

Also, you’ll get a better plating finish for durability.

The best choice set is not suitable for only its name. Apart from the above buildup, it comes with a magnetized design that allows the easy fasteners holdup. Furthermore, you’ll have a swivel cap that gives you finger pressure when you are driving. The non-slipping rubber is also the right answer for better turning power.


  • High-quality vanadium chrome steel for rust protection.
  • It is easy to hold the fasteners with the help of the magnetized tips.
  • You’ll get maximum turning power when driving.
  • Precisely built for performance.
  • It includes a better finish for durability.


  • The magnetism might lose its power with time.

3. Philips, Flat, Torx and Pentalobe Screwdriver Set: 

pentalobe screwdriver set

This screwdriver is another choice if you need a pack of 9 screwdrivers for your smartphone, laptop, and other electronics. It comes with a premium material from the high-performing S2 steel, which is way better than the standard carbon steel. For that reason, don’t expect wear-out and tear so soon.

The screwdrivers’ finish and tips are built with an excellent anodized coating to protect the screws against rust or any other form of corrosion. One of the main reasons why enthusiasts are always interested in this set is its ability to guarantee a longer life span.

You’ll also get a non-slipping handle for comfortable handling when driving. The cap can rotate up to 360 degrees, and that’s good news for having better productivity when working with laptops and smartphones.


  • It is comfortable to hold when working.
  • The screwdriver handle is visible, and you can easily see the brand specifications.
  • You’ll get 9 multiple screwdrivers of different sizes.
  • Easy to magnetize for flexibility.
  • It comes with a nylon storage pouch for easy storage.


  • The set is limited to only 9 pieces.
  • There are some tasks you cannot perform with the screwdrivers.

4. TEKTON Screwdriver Reviews – 2841 Every bit ™ Ratchet 

TEKTON Screwdriver Reviews

If you are looking for a screwdriver set with many pieces, this set might be your best shot. It comes with up to 135 pieces, which means every piece for every project. Among the 135 pieces, you’ll get 105 screwdriver bits for your mobile application. Also, there are 22 precision bits for tackling multiple projects.

The greatest advantage of this screwdriver is its ratcheting ability. You’ll get ratcheting drive positions such as forward, reverse, and fixed. Moreover, the nonslip grip is the kind of handle you need for projects that require flexibility.

TEKTON is specifically made for tablets, laptops, mobile phones, PlayStation, eyeglasses, and computer repair. You’ll get a particular pentalobe bit for repairing your iPhone and MacBook. The price of the set is quite affordable, and the quality of the pieces therein is undoubted.


  • You can use the screwdrivers in multiple applications for an extended period.
  • It is not easily affected by rust and corrosion.
  • TEKTON come with many bits and pieces for your flexibility.
  • It is affordable.
  • The design of the mini-set inside the main set is fantastic.


  • You cannot upgrade the set to a metal case.
  • It can wear up after some time because of the plastic case.

5. TACKLIFE Magnetic Screwdriver Set – best magnetic screwdriver set.

TACKLIFE Magnetic Screwdriver Set

TACKLIFE is the perfect screwdriver set for repairing several elements in a domestic home setup. The set includes 14 pieces screwdrivers and up to 12 precision bits, and one storage case. It uses the most modern chrome vanadium steel that is tougher, durable, and resistant to rust.

Another great feature of the set is its ability to swivel 360 degrees for the cap. This feature aids swift operations and saves you a lot of trouble when trying to fix nuts in your repair. You can store all the internal pieces in the plastic case, which you get for free. This storage is also easily accessible, and you can organize the screwdrivers according to the level of urgency.

Failing to talk about the handle of this superset is a crime. TACKLIFE comes with a non-skid handle with a desirable design that makes it easy to use and more comfortable when driving. Furthermore, the drivers’ magnetic tip is strong and will save you time searching for the tinniest nuts.


  • The precision screwdrivers in the primary set are of high quality.
  • It is easily reliable.
  • You can arrange the set according to how you use the screws.
  • It has a strong magnetic tip.
  • The cap can swivel to 360 degrees.


  • You cannot upgrade the plastic storage into a metal case.
  • It doesn’t come with screwdrivers for all domestic projects.

6. 6 Pcs Premium Precision Screwdriver Set

Premium Precision Screwdriver Set

There is no greater feeling than knowing you can entirely rely on your screwdriver set in whatever project. This set is your savior when it comes to reliability and performance. You’ll get 3 Philips precision screwdrivers with different sizes and other 3 pieces flathead bits. All these pieces are multi-role.

The rotary design of this screwdriver set is something to talk about for ages. We all need a flexible set, which is why the end cap includes the rotary structure for versatility. Besides, the model’s handle is quite comfortable to work with, and you can easily twist the screws without much energy.

All the bits are magnetic to prevent the fasteners from dropping when you are repairing. The magnetism can absorb screws effectively when you are installing or removing nuts. Also, the premium quality of the set is another reason why you might consider this brand.


  • It comes with a more robust magnetic tip.
  • It includes chrome vanadium steel on the overall design for durability.
  • The precision screwdrivers in the mini set are of high quality.
  • The set is efficient for multirole applications.
  • It is affordable and easy to maintain.
  • It is the best mini screwdriver set in for the money.


  • It cannot perform all types of tasks due to the few numbers of pieces.

7. gearwrench screwdriver set review – 20 pc. Phillips/Slotted/Torx.

Gearwrench Screwdriver Set Review

GEARWRENCH is well known for its design and elegant screwdrivers. This model is quite different from many sets in the market due to the tri-lobe feature. This design is responsible for offering extra balance and efficiency when working on electronics.

Some screws are naturally slow when drilling, but not in the case of GEARWRENCH. It comes with a handle design that allows the ‘Speed Zone’ feature for easy and faster rotation. That means you can use the set in low -torque applications.

Getting a precision screwdriver set with a comfortable handle is difficult nowadays. However, this brand comes with a nonslip with an oxide tip for more secure handling when fastening. Furthermore, it has up to 20 pieces that come in different sizes for a variety of operations.


  • It incorporates a perfect design.
  • You’ll be amazed by the rotation speed of this set.
  • Comes with a dual material handle for maximized comfortability.
  • The blade laser is numbered for easy identification.
  • It includes a steel coating to prevent rusting.


  • The screwdrivers can be brittle in some instances.
  • It doesn’t include many pieces for flexibility.

8. Oria screwdriver set/Kit

Oria Screwdriver Set

Possibly you’ve heard your friends or colleagues talk about the ORIA precision screwdriver kit, and it’s not for nothing. The kit comes with up to 60 pieces for multiple functions such as mobile phones, tablets, PC, and game console repair.

The kit allows easy magnetization of the mini set screwdrivers such that you’ll have a good time when dealing with the repair. Furthermore, you’ll have up to 5 flexible shafts for a better work stereo. This shaft is also essential when you are working on a larger set of electronics.

One of the primary features that make this kit unique is the 4 portable hardware tools you can easily carry to your workplace. These hardware tools come with a compact design, and they are lightweight too.


  • The multi-magnetic tip is essential for holding the screws.
  • It comes with many pieces for performing multiple projects.
  • The flexible shaft provides a better working experience.
  • You’ll get a lightweight kit.
  • It can easily mount the screwdrivers on a ball bearing for easy rotation.


  • Some of the bits can bend when you apply maximum pressure.

9. Nanch  – best small screwdriver set in 2021

Best Small Screwdriver Set

Nanch screwdriver set is one of the best kits for laptop and smartphone repair. Its small screwdriver bits make it compatible with small projects. The set includes a magnificent design that makes it more lightweight and durable.

The kit uses a strong magnetic field to protect your electronics when assembling or reassembling. Also, it comes with an allow S2 metal, which makes the set and the mini set free from rust or any other form of corrosion.

Another critical feature to note is the all-metallic structure. You can easily replace the storage with a metal case, but the current storage is also durable since it blends a plastic with a metallic appearance. This set includes 22 pieces that come in a different size suitable for most of your projects.


  • It is highly compatible with smartphones and laptops.
  • The set has a high hardness performance, which makes it durable.
  • Aids smooth swiveling.
  • It has a patent and appealing design.
  • It includes an extension shaft for comfortable working.


  • It is only compatible with small projects.
  • The set has few pieces and cannot counter multiple tasks.

10. Wera Kraftform – best Micro Screwdriver Set in 2021

Best Micro Screwdriver Set

It is a mistake to close the best precision screwdriver list without talking about the Wear micro screwdriver set. It is a robust set for small projects, and the power that comes with its screwdrivers cannot be easily matched.

The set comes with an anti-roll feature that gives the cap the ability to twist rapidly. Also, it is an elegant kit that you can walk around your workplace. This model provides you the perfect fit and an ultra-protection against rust.

This kit includes handles that are very comfortable to work with. Also, the shaft is of high quality, and you should worry about your electronic pieces when working since the tip is highly magnetized to protect your electronics.


  • The handles are of better quality.
  • You’ll get screwdrivers of different sizes and a better shape.
  • It is affordable.
  • The storage kit is easily accessible.
  • It is effortless to use.


  • The belt pouch is a bit large.
  • Putting the screws in the bag isn’t easy.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Precision Screwdriver Set

There are several components you should look at when choosing the best precision screwdriver set. These factors differentiate the best set from an ordinary one. In most cases, a precision screwdriver set comes with different screwdriver bits, a different storage pouch, and other differing features.

This section will look at some of these factors that you should first understand before rating a certain kit. These factors are universal, and they cut across all the precision screwdriver set.


You need to compare a set from the other with the number of driver pieces that each set comes with. Some precision screwdrivers come with more than 100 drivers, while others come with only 6, and you should choose one that fits in your projects.

Bit Variety

Understanding the bit in a set will give you the green light of whether buying a certain set or not. The bit variety in most sets differs according to the brand and the purpose of the set. Some kit includes Phillips screwdriver bits, flathead bits, and Torx bit variety.

Check the size of the bits, their shape, and their ability to counter multiple projects. Also, in most cases, these bits differ in number. Check what type of bit you need and go for the model that satisfies your interest.


It is imperative to note that different screwdriver set comes with different buildup material too. Most of our list sets come with chrome vanadium steel design to protect against rust and a better service rate.

However, some set incorporates the design of carbon and normal steel for the same purpose. Chrome vanadium has several advantages over other materials due to its ability to fight rust and serve you for an extended period. If you are lucky enough, you might also get an aluminum set.


One of the greatest mistakes that most people make is setting for a less durable precision screwdriver set. Some sets last for years, while others are easily affected by wear-off and corrosion due to the making material’s poor buildup. You can be sure about the durability of the screwdrivers by checking on the material.

A precision screwdriver set made from chrome vanadium steel tends to last longer as compared to other materials. Vanadium steel is a perfect replacement for ordinary steel. Also, aluminum sets last long, but they are rare to find. Screwdrivers that last for an extended period are also well resistant to rust.

Case vs. no case

When you are going to make a purchase, you are only settling for a complete setup. The precision screwdriver set that comes with a case is better for storage and efficient when dealing with various projects. Besides, these sets are more reliable and flexible when you want to replace a screw and take another bit.

On the other hand, it is quite tedious to work with a precision screwdriver set without a case. It becomes hard, especially when you need to replace a screw, and it’s confusing because you cannot find a certain bit. Furthermore, it’s an extra expense to invest in a case, whereas you could purchase a set with a case.


The price is the first factor you need to put in mind before making your purchase. A reasonable budget will help limit your options in the first place. Some screwdrivers are expensive because of their physical appearance. It is also very possible to get a precision screwdriver with multiple bits at a very affordable price.

Overall, if you need to make a better purchase, you should spend a little more. It is wiser to pick a renowned brand as they are famous for quality products that can not otherwise compromise the durability and performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is the best screwdriver set?

A: Overall, renowned brands such as Syntus, XOOL, TACKLIFE, and TEKTON can make a good choice of a precision screwdriver set. If you require a set that incorporates all your needs in one kit, you should undoubtedly go for Syntus. It comes with up to 63 pieces, and it is a great companion for mobile and computer repair.

Also, TACKLIFE and TEKTON are better known for their ability to serve for a long time without wearing-off. TACKLIFE is the right choice for multiple projects, while TEKTON is a better version for many pieces. You can choose any of the sets from our list if you need a durable kit with higher efficiency.

Q: What is a precision screwdriver set?

A: The precision screwdriver set is the link between your projects and the tools you need to perform these projects. The precision screwdriver sets are multiple screwdrivers and bits in one roof, which is the main set. These bits come in different sizes for performing different roles.

Some of the units with a precision screwdriver set are battery powered to make better rotations and speed up tasks. The set includes bits with magnetic tips for holding your devices close. In short, precision screwdriver set are critical to all DIY enthusiasts.

Q: Who makes the best ratcheting screwdriver?

A: TEKTON is the master of ratcheting screwdrivers. These screwdrivers can do most of the tasks that common screwdrivers cannot perform. TEKTON comes with a perfect long handle for comfortability and a body of up to nine inches to make the job faster.

Other models that are known to make right ratcheting screwdriver includes Williams WRS and Milwaukee ratchet screwdrivers. These models come with many bits for multiple projects and a powerful magnetic tip for holding your electronics when working.

Q: What are the best screwdrivers for electricians?

A: TEKTON 2841 can be the best screwdriver set for most electricians because it comes with many pieces and an electronic repair kit. The 135 pieces for a variety of tasks without having to buy extra bits.

Also, the GEARWRENCH screwdriver set is the right choice for your projects. It comes with 20 screwdrivers of varying sizes for different purposes. These screws have dual-material handles for easy handling, and they are efficient when working on larger projects.

Q: How do you use a precision screwdriver?

A: Precision screwdrivers can be tough to use because, unlike ordinary screwdrivers, they come with interchangeable heads. To use, take one head, put on a screwdriver handle, and check whether it is compatible with your project. If not, replace the head with another head and repeat the process.

Don’t forget to loosen the head when you put on a screwdriver handle. These heads are easy to swap, and you can remove them at any particular time.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

All the DIY enthusiasts use precision screwdriver set for multirole projects, and it’s the right time to try one. These sets will save you a lot of money because you will be buying multiple screwdrivers in one set. Each of the kits in our list is unique in its way. Our precision screwdrivers are durable, efficient, and of better quality in a real working structure.

Overall, we recommend the Syntus precision screwdriver set as the best kit because of its ability to efficiently tackle multiple projects. Syntus comes with 63 bits for easy repair, and all the screws therein are perfect for mobile phones and laptop repair. This kit will give you a chance to elevate your skill to a lofty level, and you should try it out.

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