Top 10 Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets 2021 [ Reviews]

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Surfaces around your home, such as cabinets, require maintenance from time to time. Does it stress you going to the shop from time to time to get a brush to apply paint on the surfaces?  Thanks to the paint sprayers, you can now paint your cabinets more comfortably and accurately. The advantages of these paint sprayers are that they are easy to use, lightweight, and reused, unlike using a brush.

Having that in mind, you must be willing to get the best paint sprayer for home DIY projects. Picking the best paint sprayer for cabinet is not always a breeze, and for that reason, it is essential to understand what the best paint sprayer entails. The list below has some of the best models of paint sprayers of all time; check them out and see what you are missing out when using a brush for your painting tasks.

The Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets 2021

Several paint sprayers exhibit top-notch performance when used to paint the cabinets. However, each model can outdo the other in one feature or the other. These best paint sprayers have some standard features that qualify it to be called the best paint sprayer.

Most of the best sprayers have standard share features such as

  • Utilizes high power for precision during the painting.
  • Has the high-pressure low volume technology to ensure a high volume of spray is emitted under low pressure.
  • Three switch spray pattern which allows the user to maneuver the sprayer easily.
  • Has a lightweight and compact design to allow comfortable usage.

1. Wagner Spraytech 0518080

Wagner Spraytech 0518080

If you are a professional painter, a beginner, or an ordinary individual, this spray is the one that can meet your every need. The model features a dual-stage turbine, which allows the user to shift any task from applying thick paint to thin paint. The dual-stage turbine is versatile for painting surfaces made either of thin or thick material. Adding to the sprayer’s versatility, the model can be used to paint cabinets and paint floors and walls.

The paint sprayer comes with a hose of 20 feet in length. The hose allows you to reach larger surfaces using the gun without any fatigue or discomfort. The paint sprayer is compact and lightweight for added comfort, making it possible to occupy small closet space when storing it.

For different spraying patterns, be it circular vertical, or horizontal, the paint sprayer can meet your needs. For easy operation and maneuverability, you will have an intriguing experience. All you need to operate the sprayer is turning on the spray nozzle on the cap, and you are ready to go.


  • Comes with a dual-stage turbine
  • Compact design and is lightweight for easy carrying and storage.
  • Has three spray patterns- horizontal, vertical, and round
  • Has a 20 feet hose
  • Massive air-filters which prevents debris and dust from clogging the sprayer


  • It is not easy to adjust the sprayer’s pressure.

2.  REXBETI Ultimate- 750 Paint Sprayer

REXBETI Ultimate- 750 Paint Sprayer

The model features triple nozzle technology with different sizes of 2.0mm, 2.5mm, and 3.0mm. The three nozzles add to the paint sprayer’s versatility since they render the sprayer reliable when handling different types of projects. The model has no limited orientation for painting; depending on your liking, you can use the spray painter vertically, horizontally, or in a circular pattern.

The bad boy comes with a large capacity container of about 900 ml. large capacity means a large volume of paint is stored in it, thus minimizing the number of stoppages you take to refill the container. For accurate painting, the sprayer has alterable knobs, allowing you to choose the paint flow rate as per your desires. As work progresses, the paint is uniformly distributed on the surface.

A fantastic feature of the sprayer that is lightweight. This enables you to carry on massive projects with ease without feeling any fatigue. After you are done with the project, the sprayer’s parts can easily be detached, and cleaning them is a breeze. To make cleaning easy, the set comes with a funnel, needle, and brush, enabling you to reach corners of the sprayer.


  • Adjustable knobs for adjusting the flow rate.
  • The sprayer is easy to clean.
  • The large capacity container keeps a large volume of paint.
  • You can try a horizontal, vertical, and round pattern.
  • Lightweight thus easy to carry for hours.
  • Comes with cleaning equipment.


  • Made of ABS material, which renders it less durable.

3. Homeright C800766, C900076 Finish Max Paint Sprayer

Homeright C800766, C900076 Finish Max Paint Sprayer

The paint sprayer is just something else. With the sprayer, you stand a chance to enjoy an incredible experience during your painting. The model is easy to operate, can be moved without a hassle, and it has proven to be reliable for any task you handle using it.

When you lift the paint sprayer, you will be amazed by the incredible lightweight design. This makes it more efficient since your hand will not get any tired while using the sprayer. Due to the weight, you can carry out massive tasks without any fatigue. Despite being lightweight, the paint sprayer is effective in handling giant jobs. The powerful sprayer runs at 400 watts, thus delivering incredible results. For power alteration, the model features settings that you can optimize to meet your desires.

With the alterable cap, the sprayer gives you a variety of functionality. It does not matter the alignment you want to use, be it in a vertical, horizontal, or circular pattern; you can go for any of your choices. Also, the sprayer features a setting for regulating the flow of material, enabling you to choose your liking’s productivity force. This sprayer will turn your head when it comes to versatility since it is compatible with various paints.

To regulate your paint’s depth, you need not worry since the viscosity cup that comes with the sprayer is there to serve the course.


  • 400 watts of power for accurate painting.
  • Material-flow control.
  • Can be used for work in any pattern due to adjustable cap.
  • Brass-tip for protecting surfaces against corrosion.
  • Can be used with a variety of paints.


  • Sometimes the sprayer might get clogged.

4. Homeright C800971

HomeRight C800971 Paint Sprayer

The paint sprayer uses a power of 450 watts allow you to paint a larger area with less time. With such energy, painting a small room or a large surface is all a piece of cake. The model also features a knob that controls the paint’s flow rate on the right side of its trigger. With the knob, the user can regulate the amount of color he wants to apply on the surface.

The secret to a fantastic experience while using this paint sprayer lies in the model’s three brass tips. The tips make the result of the painting appear to be professional. The spray tips coat the cabinet with wear-resistant material that can also resist corrosion by external factors.

The paint sprayer features alterable settings, which aids in maneuvering the paint sprayer. The settings allow you to apply your paint in any orientation you desire; be it a vertical, round, or horizontal pattern; you are covered. You can apply a wide range of paints with only a single unit, such as chalk paint, sealers, stains, and latex paint. Since cleaning after use is the order of the day, the set includes a cleaning brush, making your work easier.


  • 450 watts power gives precise painting experience.
  • Gives a wear-resistant and anti-corrosive coating.
  • Can be used with different paint types.
  • Flow regulating knobs allows shifting the paint’s intensity.
  • Three brass tips are included in the set.


  • After some time, the color can be peeled off.

5. REXBETI 700 Watt High Power Paint Sprayer

REXBETI 700 Watt High Power Paint Sprayer

The unique feature that makes this model outstanding from the rest is the spray-width lever. The lever is essential for using the sprayer since it allows the user to apply a wide spray or narrow spray by altering it. Like other models, the paint sprayer will enable you to maneuver it with ease by delivering three different patterns. This indicates that you can apply either vertical circular or horizontal orientation without any difficulty. All you need is just turning the air cap and selecting the pattern of your choice.

The paint sprayer features four different nozzles, which are handy for various functionalities. If you want to apply latex or chalk paint on a surface, then the nozzle to use is the one measuring 2.6 mm. however, the 1.5 mm and 2.2 mm are useful when applying varnishes or sealers surfaces.

As the name suggests, the paint sprayer uses 700 watts of power to give precise painting. The power rating of the machine delivers professional results giving you a smooth finishing. Also, unlike other models in the list, the sprayer comes with a large capacity container of about 100 ml which means, running out of paint is a thing of the past. The compact, lightweight design gives the user comfort, and thus no fatigue experienced when using it.


  • Powerful for precision.
  • Large capacity paint container.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Easy to operate and maneuver.
  • Flow control settings to regulate paint output.
  • Has a set of four nozzles.


  • The flow rate can be a little higher.

6. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

HomeRight C800971 Paint Sprayer

Getting this spray painter is a considerable step to giving your cabinets an appealing décor every homeowner desires to have. The model provides a smooth and enjoyable painting experience from its attractive design, which is sleek and compact. The compact blueprint allows you to have a firm grip while holding the sprayer and comfort to your hands.  The sprayer’s thinness makes the painting experience better since it enables you to use the sprayer for hours without getting tired.

For versatility, the paint sprayer comes with a variety of irresistible features. First, it features a flexible suction tube, which is helpful when spraying any surface from a large capacity container. The tube ensures you can paint a more extensive exterior without having to lift the container with you. If you are keen enough, you won’t miss noticing pressure regulating knobs. The knobs are useful when the user wants to apply either high pressure or low pressure.

Sometimes you experience clogging of the sprayer; what is the difference with this model? The paint sprayer cannot stop working when it gets block because it has a reversible tip that allows you to continue painting. The use of a power-flush adapter can easily clean the paint sprayer once you are done painting.


  • It is lightweight.
  • Compact design saves closet space.
  • A flexible suction tube enables you to spray from the paint container.
  • Avoids clogging by reversing the tip.
  • Pressure-regulating knobs allow you to shift between low and high pressure.


  • Could be firmer and more durable.

7. Wagner Spraytech 0529010

Wagner Spraytech 0529010

The multifaceted paint sprayer features a high-level technology of turbines, enabling the user to reach up to a nine-speed function.  The turbine technology allows you to manipulate the speed and painting style to arrive at your choice’s speed and painting style. Manipulating the paint flow rates limits the incidences of overspray and wasting paint. The model features a power dial mounted on its top to allow for pinpoint control of the paint sprayer.

The model features a precision nozzle, which makes your work turn out to be professional even if you are a DIY painter. The nozzle is efficient as it emits and directs the paint flow neatly to give excellent painting results. The model is versatile and can be used for painting cabinets and useful in the painting of walls and floor surfaces.

The paint sprayer’s versatility is boosted by the sprayer’s ability to operate with a wide range of paints, whether thick or thin. Also, the paint sprayer’s maneuverability is easy as you have the liberty to choose the pattern you like, whether round, horizontal, or vertical. Also, for comfortable usage, the sprayer comes in a compact, lightweight design.


  • Quick and effortless operation.
  • The pattern can be adjusted to fit the horizontal, vertical, or round design.
  • Can be used with a wide range of paints.
  • Easy to change the nozzle.
  • Quiet operation.


  • The cup is a bit large.
  • Has problems of overspray.
  • Can emit a large number of paints when first started.

8. Wagner Spraytech 0518050

Wagner Spraytech 0518050

The versatile paint sprayer features a distinct airpower technology which enables the sprayer to utilize High-Volume Low-Pressure functionality. Due to using the functionality, the paint sprayer delivers excellent painting results. With a dual-stage air turbine, the paint sprayer allows you to experience a consistent paint flow. The dual-stage turbine makes the air sprayer suitable for both outdoor and indoor painting. The turbine also plays a crucial role in giving excellent painting results, whether you are a beginner or a professional painter.

The paint sprayer’s air cap can be adjusted in three positions. The air cap’s adjustability is vital. This is to ensure you can use the paint sprayer to achieve a pattern of choice while painting, be it round, vertical, or horizontal. The sprayer’s trigger can also be varied to emit less paint; however, the list paint emission is 4.9 oz per minute. The sprayer is termed double duty since it allows the user to use it with thin or thick paints.

Painting can be a bit tricky, but with this model, it is made a breeze. The paint sprayer’s lightweight feature enables you to easily use the sprayer for longer hours without getting tired or uncomfortable.


  • Suitable for both thick and thin paints.
  • A consistent flow of paint.
  • Has an adjustable three-position air cap.
  • It is decisive for precision in painting.
  • Can emit paint with the least emission being 4.9 oz per minute.
  • Lightweight and compact design


  • After some time, you may experience clogging.

9. Paint Sprayer, 600W HVLP Spraygun

Paint Sprayer, 600W HVLP Spraygun

A versatile product easy to operate and clean is what you need for your home DIY projects. The paint sprayer displays a high degree of portability due to its lightweight and compact design. It makes the model easy to lift and use for a longer time without experiencing any fatigue or discomfort. Since it has a high volume low-pressure functionality, the paint sprayer can perform excellent painting with only slight pressure applied to it, and the sprayer emits large print volumes.

High power means the device can manage massive tasks at a shorter time precisely. The paint sprayer uses 600 watts, which renders it powerful than other models of the same class. With such power, the paint is evenly distributed to the work surfaces, enabling the user to have a smooth finish.

The paint sprayer also features three-click spray patterns, which allows the user to maneuver the paint sprayer with much ease. The spray pattern can be manipulated to meet the desired spray pattern, whether round, horizontal, or vertical, depending on how you want the final results to look like. Three nozzles are also mounted to the paint sprayer, enabling the model to use different paint types from thin to thick paints.


  • Has three spray patterns for horizontal, vertical, or round painting
  • The set comes with three copper nozzles
  • 600 watts power for precision painting
  • High-quality painting
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to operate and clean


  • After some time of usage, it stops working

10. Earlex HV5500 HVLP Spray Station Paint Sprayer

Earlex HV5500 HVLP Spray Station Paint Sprayer

One of the best features of this paint sprayer is the compact design. The blueprint makes it easy for mobile people to carry around and store it since its power cord and hose fits into the machine. It occupies very little closet space. The most considerable merit of having such a sprayer is that it delivers excellent results when painting. With the three-click spray pattern, you can attain any design of choice when painting; it revolves around both horizontal, vertical, and round painting patterns.

The efficient paint sprayer comes with uniquely unique features to add to its versatility. It includes a paint gun and a viscosity cup. The gun functions to give total control and endurance for all the painting tasks you handle. The paint gun contains a fast push and clicks the button, which allows you to change the spray pattern to one of your likings. Among the paint features, the gun includes a paint volume paint control dial, a quarter metal paint container coated with Teflon, and a dynamic control trigger.

The paint sprayer has a turbine mounted onto its base. Combining the turbine and a pro-gun of the paint sprayer makes the model an ideal choice if you value your finish’s perfection. Also, since the paint sprayer is a high-volume low-pressure system, you will enjoy high air volume flowing from the sprayer under low pressure.


  • High-quality finish
  • Onboard storage
  • Multiple spray patterns
  • Generous hose length


  • It is a bit noisy
  • The faulty design causes frustrating malfunctions

What Kind of Paint Sprayer Is Right for Your Woodworking Project?

Woodwork projects look best when paint sprayed as the paints in them dry up faster than those painted with a brush. HVLP spray guns are the best to use for your woodwork projects. This is because they are faster and easy to use, and they are much safer for you.

There is less wastage of paint due to the low pressure used and the name High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP). Low pressure also enables the paint to spread in the wood.

How to Pick the Best Sprayer for Kitchen Cabinets? – YouTube Video

You definitely want your kitchen cabinets to look good, and this is why you need to spray them with the best sprayers. Look for a sprayer that is easy to work with. It should help you paint, stain, and seal your cabinets to complete the project for your cabinets.

If you cover huge areas, it is best to use the airless sprayers but for average areas, use the HVLP. They should have an adjustable speed for spraying to prevent over-spraying. They should also save on time.

(a) Capacity

Paint sprayer will use most of your paint as when compared to brushing. This is because the paint is removed in small droplets out of the sprayer. Some sprayers can spray up to 5 gallons without refilling them, while others carry up to 1000 ml paint.

(b) Nozzles

The nozzles in spray guns are best used for spraying primer surfaces, base and clear coats, and sealers, among others. To know the best nozzle size, you need to check its flow rate at gallons per minute. Spray nozzles should be made out of durable stainless steel materials.

(c) Is it lightweight?

Paint sprayers should be of reasonable weight, not too heavy, and not too light to fit your painting needs. They enhance the fast spraying of your cabinets and are effective to use. Normally the paint sprayers weigh from 3 to 15 pounds. Before you purchase, make sure you are comfortable with its weight.

If the sprayer has many features, its weight will likely be more than that of the sprayer with fewer features. Some of these features are HVLP sprayers, adjustable spray patterns, and nozzle based spraying.

(d) Turbine

These parts are useful in spraying in that they propel the air when painting. This reduces the consumption of paint by the sprayer and hence economical. Make sure the turbine sprayer you choose helps you to get decent finishes that have high-quality precision. Ensure the turbine is adjustable.

(e) Adjustable pattern

Adjustability is a feature you need to check before you purchase your paint sprayer. When the nozzle has an adjustable pattern, you can easily regulate it to the required point. It is economical as little paint is used and there is little wastage of paint. The cups will also help to regulate the rate at which the paint flows on the surface.

An adjustable pattern in your paint sprayer will enable you to achieve an even finish on your kitchen cabinets. There is less overspray, and this means that your project will look good and eye-catching.

(f) Power

 You need to check the spray power of your sprayer before you purchase it. Ensure that it is efficient in spraying. High spray power means that the surface sprayed has a durable effect, and the finish is of high quality. Normally most sprayers have a power range of 450-800W.

HVLP versus Airless: Which is best for the cabinet?

HVLP sprayers are the best for kitchen cabinets as they have less output of paint, making them suit smaller surfaces. They also have accuracy in painting because they only allow little amounts of paint out. On the other hand, airless sprayers give an overspray as they are best for large projects.

(1) Airless paint sprayers

They are best for spraying large surfaces because they produce a thick coating. Some of these surfaces are fences and home exteriors. They use electric motors for power and hence become the most powerful paint sprayers. They have an overspray as they produce a thick coating of paint on the surface.

This means that you do not have to apply more coats and hence save on your time. Airless sprayers are the best option for you if you are spraying multiple projects as you will finish spraying them faster. They are not meant for small projects as the paints will be overdone.

(2) HVLP Paint sprayers

These paint sprayers use high volume and low pressure to apply paint on a surface. They have an electric turbine that facilitates the compression of air to squeeze out paint. They have affordable prices, and this makes them most common for use in the homes.

HVLP sprayers are best for small projects like spraying the kitchen cabinets as the paint output is less. There is also accuracy when painting as only little paint is let out, and there is no overspray. You may be required to dilute the paint if it is too thick to make it easy for you to spray with an HVLP sprayer.

How to Prep and Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Before you paint your kitchen cabinets, ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned. This is done to eliminate all the dust and dirt that may stick on the paint, giving it a bad look. Clear all the items in the cabinets to get ample space for working. It is also important to have some repairs if necessary before you proceed to paint.

(1) Prepare to paint

You need to be well prepared with all the materials you need for painting. This includes the paints, sprayers, sandpapers, among others. Make sure you fill all the holes and cracks in the cabinets to give a smooth finish when you paint. Use flexible fillers or sugar soaps.

(2) Remove the old paints

You need to paint on a neat surface, and thus it is important to get rid of all the paints by using an abrasive. It makes it look smooth after painting. It prevents the new paint from peeling off.  Use a remover and apply it on the surface evenly. Leave it for some time to react and remove it after softening.

(3) Empty the cabinets

You require enough space in your cabinets, and thus you need to remove everything from them to proceed with your project. You also don’t want your items and equipment to get painted, and thus you need to put them in a safer place. Painting your cabinets when they are empty ensures that no part is left unattended.

(4) Repair if necessary

If the cabinets have dents, holes, or gouges, you have to repair them before painting. Use wood fillers to cover up the holes. Use tape to surround the part with a hole. It will make it easier for you to fill it evenly. If there are excess fillers, wipe them off using a damp cloth. It will give it a nice appearance and a smooth surface.

(5) Sand everything up

Use sandpaper to smoothen the surfaces after filling the holes and dents. A wood sanding is best as it will prevent the parts from rounding. You don’t have to remove all the paint when sanding to get a firm and clean base. Sand also the shiny parts to get rid of the finish used previously.

(6) Clean the surfaces thoroughly

Your painting needs to be done on a clean surface to give it a nice appearance. Cleaning also helps you identify dents and holes to fill them before you paint. Use water mixed with tri-sodium phosphate to clean. Ensure you put on gloves when cleaning.

(7) Prime kitchen cabinets

Use a primer to give a nice finish to your kitchen cabinets. Apply the primer using a brush and make sure you cover all surfaces. Primers also lessen the need to use sandpapers for deglazing the old parts of the cabinets. They provide a nice base for water-based paints.

(8) Start priming from the back

Primer acts as a sealant and thus preventing stains from being seen. Whenever you prime from the back, you can see how your new color will look like. There is also better adhesion between the surface and the paint, and this lengthens the paint’s life. This protects your cabinets.

(9) Eliminate the buildup

You need to get rid of any kind of buildups when painting to enhance a smooth finish. A wood sanding is the best to use for this as it ensures there are no rounding on the cabinet’s surface. The buildups may also be caused by leaving your paint exposed to the air.

(10) Paint kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to painting, apply from the edges inside, leading to the cabinets’ frame openings. This saves time, and it allows you to cover large areas. Paint the doors and drawers, making sure that you apply thin and light coats. Give some time to allow the paints to dry. Re-sand the surfaces and apply another layer.

(11) Start on the frames

Always start painting on the frames of the kitchen cabinets leading towards the doors. This will enhance even painting. It is also a good method of hiding stains from the cabinets. Make sure you start by applying thin layers, and after they dry up, apply the coating. This uses little of your time and saves on your paint too.

(12) Don’t rush it

Do not be in a hurry when painting. Always ensure you give enough time for the cabinets to dry after cleaning them. Allow some time for the paint layers to dry thoroughly. This should also happen even after you applied the primer on the cabinets. Your fillings and sealants should also have a good time to dry before you proceed with painting.

Final Verdict

Ever since the invention of paint sprayers, using a brush for painting is losing popularity. There are a variety of excellent paint sprayers in the market today. However, the question is, how do I get the best paint sprayer? It is not as easy as you think. Therefore, efforts need to be applied.

I recommend that you do thorough research before deciding on what paint sprayer to pick. There are various paint sprayers we have recommended. Therefore, compare them in terms of specifications to determine the sprayer that caters to your needs. Also, going through customer reviews is a step to getting the best device.

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