9 Best Outdoor Tv Antenna for Rural Areas 2021 [Reviews]

If you live in rural areas where it is hard to get a regular tv cable, you know that watching your favorite tv shows can be hard. This is because of many interruptions, disturbances, and limited channels. Getting tv can be a challenge as most broadcasting stations are in the more developed states, though it is not impossible.

Getting Tv from miles away can be done if you have the best outdoor tv antenna for rural areas. This can be easy if your rural area is near any broadcasting station, the weather in that particular area, and the house type. Though outdoor antennas are the best fit for rural areas due to the range

It is most advisable to use long-range antennas in the rural area for clarity, many channels, and crystal clear channels. There are a variety of good and fairly priced antennas in the market. We will take you through top reviews of antennas ideal for rural areas and buying tips to guide you pick the right one.

10 Best Outdoor Tv Antenna for Rural Areas reviews in 2021

1. LAVA HD2605 Outdoor HD TV Antenna 

Outdoor HD TV Antenna

Shopping for an antenna is dependent more on the quality than the price. LAVA HD2605 is an affordable, high-quality signal definition antenna that has a150 miles coverage range. Many families like this antenna because it picks any free local channel.

It supports multiple television sets within the same house. The long-range design enhances the television channel broadcast track, that is, more channels. This antenna has free a very high frequency (VHF) and Ultra high frequency (UHF)

It is straightforward to assemble wireless remote control and motor for a full 360-degree rotation to scan possible signals. As easy as it may be to assemble and install, it is advisable to acquire a professional’s help.


  • Can get signals from any direction.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee and 2 years guarantee.
  • It is weather-resistant and provides digital signals.
  • This antenna is easy to assemble and install.
  • The Long-range enables it to pick up many free available channels.


  • Antennas collect static and become prone to lightning strikes.
  • Tv signals tend to adjust or fade depending on the climate.

2. Vansky Outdoor 150 Mile TV Antenna – best outdoor digital tv antenna for rural areas.

best tv antenna outdoor

This is a very popular make-up antenna in the market, though its quality is not as efficient as earlier. It can cover a 150-mile radius from any broadcasting station within range.

The antenna picks many channels and receives VHF, UHF, and FM frequencies, and depending on the location, and it can also pick up free channels. The antenna is weather-resistant so that it will withstand lighting and bad weather.

It has features a wireless remote that controls the antenna to pick up signals from any angle and has maximized signal reception. You should place it about 30ft from the ground. Its popularity is based on:


  • Durable and built for harsh weather.
  • Compact and precise assembly to protect it from lightning.
  • Affordable and readily available.
  • It has a noise amplifier.
  • It comes with a power supply adapter and comes with about 40ft of coaxial cable.


  • You need to have a direction indicator.
  • The power supply feels cheaply made.

3. Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 – best tv antenna outdoor.

best multi directional tv antenna

The clear stream is designed with a 1080p full HD to pick up VHF and UHF signals and has a 70-mile radius.

It has multiple scanners that pick a precise range of free channels such as ABS, CW, MeTV, CBS, and NBS. Additionally, it also delivers high-quality sound. It is one of the best multi directional tv antenna for outdoor in our list.

You will enjoy outstanding performance because the antenna’s reception buildings and other obstructions do not affect it. Therefore, you will enjoy a great range and powerful reception in various locations. Installing the antenna is easy since you will get instructions for guidance and mounting hardware.

This antenna has a feature that allows adjustment to adapt to signal strength at 12.2 to 35.5 inches. The patent loop design of the antenna gives a more comprehensive angle range coverage.


  • It has good reception, strength, and clear viewing of channels.
  • Full rotation feature that offers a 70-degree angle that enhances performance
  • It also has features that counter interference and channel capture.
  • You can use it indoors and outdoors, depending on the location.
  • Its wide base design allows it to be more stable and compact.


  • Complaints about missing parts and wrong instructions.
  • Expensive for what you will get.

4. RCA Outdoor Yagi Satellite HD Antenna – best outdoor hd tv antenna.

Best Outdoor Hd Tv Antenna

Do you need a classic Tv antenna that conveys both VHF and UHF signals? Do not be left out, since this RCA outdoor Yagi satellite HD antenna is the best, having clear images. When you have both these signals, you will add more advantage to your Tv since you will have free air content.

However, you will enjoy watching your movies without paying a subscription fee that you pay monthly. Using this antenna, your television can capture signals from a big mile of distance.

This outdoor Tv antenna is long-lasting since it is made of high-quality materials to resist bad weather conditions. However, you will install it very first since it does not require much time to get set.


  • Offers durable services
  • It is effortless to set
  • You will get clear images.
  • It has different content due to UHF and VHF signals.
  • Paying a subscription fee is not necessary.


  • The results may not be accurate, as described above.
  • The antenna cable is short.
  • Reception signals are rough sometimes.

5. Pingbingding PBD WA- 2608 -best outdoor digital tv antenna for rural areas.

best outdoor hd antenna for tv

This Tv antenna can provide a larger signal that can capture more channels. This is because it has the strongest signal and power resolution. It also includes rotation that goes up to 360 degrees. Besides, it is straightforward to set. You can use this antenna for two TVs.

It has a reception that enables no interruption when watching. This Tv antenna comes with an adapter for supplying power, remote, and cable, unlike some antennas that do not come with all this. You will have to buy it for yourself.

Pingbingding a digital outdoor tv antenna is incredible. This is because you don’t need to worry about the weather condition. It is weather-resistant, making watching comfortable all days at all times.


  • Weather-resistant and durable
  • It can support two televisions.
  • You will find set up easy.
  • It can provide full HD and Tv support.
  • You don’t need to buy any tool since it has a complete package.


  • Rotation is poor and needs improvement.
  • A harsh environment doesn’t affect the signal.

6. Five Star Outdoor Digital Antenna – best outdoor tv antenna preamplifier

Best Outdoor Tv Antenna Preamplifier

When looking for the best antenna that you can use in rural areas, you need this digital amplified antenna. It has a good signal reception that goes for 360 degrees. Additionally, it has a range of 200 miles that enables you to receive many channels.

It is one of our best spick since it has reflector panels. These panels are there for you to get signals that have great resolution. However, you can get as many channels as you want. I love this Tv antenna because it’s electric performance has improved due to VHF reflectors’ presence, making it the best.

This antenna is also able to support five TVs. Apart from accessing radio signal FM, you can get audio and video using this Tv antenna. Don’t waste time. It is readily available in the market at an affordable price.


  • You will get many channels.
  • It is easy to install
  • Has a high signal resolution
  • It is consistent with up to 5 TVs
  • Features advanced VHF and UHF reception.


  • Not as good as advertised.
  • Channels are few
  • The rotation signal is poor.

7. Five Star TV Antenna Indoor/Outdoor Yagi Satellite – best amplified outdoor tv antenna.

Best Amplified Outdoor Tv Antenna

With this antenna, you can get a free cable. What you need to do is to ensure you do the Assembling well to watch your favorite channel. You will get various channels that include; local news, sports programs, and kid’s cartoons.

The signal reception is enhanced, making high performance. Due to the smart chip, the Yagi satellite HD antenna can transmit both VHF and UHF signals. This signal produces more channels with high quality. The antenna can reach miles that are not more than 200.

The Yagi satellite HD antenna can get more channels due to enhanced innovation than any other Yagi antennas. This makes it unique and the best antenna for rural areas. Besides, the images remain as usual even if there is a bad weather condition. This is because the antenna is weather resistant.


  • The antenna is weather-resistant
  • It has new and enhanced designs
  • Its performance is great
  • You will get high signal reception
  • Designed to last longer


  • You need to place it well cannot give clear images
  • The signals become poor when strong wind occurs than described

8. 1byone 720° Omni- Directional Reception – best outdoor long range digital tv antenna 

Best Outdoor Long Range Digital Tv Antenna

This type of Tv antenna is wonderful. You need to get it because it can receive many more signals in a different direction, as the name goes, “omnidirectional.” It is affordable, and it is of great value.

It is built in a way that its performance is super even under harsh weather conditions. It remains powerful, and you can access any news. With this 1byone outdoor antenna, you can settle all your problems.

Since the antenna can reach 150 miles, it’s signals remain powerful due to enhanced VHF reception. It has the best construction that cannot interfere with your radio. This enables its performance to maintain clear images, resulting in the best quality you should have.


  • Great pictures value.
  • It is weatherproof and long-lasting.
  • You will get many channels.
  • The powerful signal ranges from 150 miles.


  • It is not easy to operate.
  • The signal becomes weak sometimes.
  • The antenna does not provide a coaxial cable.

9. Channel Master CM-5020 Directional – best outdoor tv antenna for my area 

best outdoor tv antenna for my area

This outdoor channel master cannot be affected by extreme weather conditions compared to channel master cm 3020. You will get a reception range of 100 miles, and it receives a signal from one direction.

It can pick signals from different receptions such as; FM, VHF, and UHF. It is effortless to install. You can use it on digital Tv also. It has the best quality in programming.

If you feel you are having difficulties with your antenna, you can replace it with this masterpiece antenna. It produces incredible work. You can use it in areas where there are poor signals. Try it and see how it works. There is no harm in trying.


  • It receives a good signal.
  • Features a heavy construction making it durable
  • It has many free local channels.
  • Offers high-quality performance
  • Signal quality is strong.


  • This antenna may not work in your area.
  • There are no premium channels, such as sports.
  • It may not be simple to install

10. GE Pro Outdoor TV Antenna – best long range outdoor tv antenna reviews

best long range outdoor tv antenna reviews

GE pro outdoor Tv antenna has a reception range of 70 miles. This antenna has free signals such as UHF, HDTV, and VHF channels.

It has a high reception power. You can access premium channels such as kid corners like cartoons, sports, etc. You can view all these programs without paying any amount.

You can rely on it due to its powerful signal strength. However, it is also supported with a warranty. You will only get to know the warranty period once you visit our market.


  • It has a high power signal.
  • You will get an easy setup.
  • Has free HD channels
  • It produces clear images


  • The signals are significant, but sometimes they deteriorate.
  • It may be great for only UHF inputs.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor TV Antenna Buying Guide

Outdoor antennas are better for use than indoor antennas as they can work without any interference. Indoor antennas tend to be affected much by electronics and thus giving poor results. For you to watch a variety of channels, you need to have nothing but the best antenna.

It should fit your needs, and by so doing, you will have value for your money. Therefore, you need to research the type of antenna you want for your home. The channels you receive in an area will also need to suit your needs to get fair use of your money. Ensure you position the antenna for efficiency.

In any case, there is a blackout in your Satellite or cable, the outdoor antenna will back you up, and you will still enjoy watching your favorite shows. This is what you ought to buy an outdoor antenna. They are also easy to install and can withstand different changes in temperatures. Outdoor TV antennas can also pick radio signals, making you have a variety to listen to if you do not watch. Below are the qualities you need to look for in an outdoor antenna;

The Type of Antenna

Ensure the type of antenna you purchase has a variety of channels you need to watch. These channels should be easily available in the place you live in. Consider checking the antenna’s installation rules to enable you to fix it in the right way. If your favorite stations have a strong signal, the better as you will not have to waste time looking for the weak signals.

Outdoor antennas are placed on top of a house or maybe mount on a loft or attic. These kinds of antennas are best for use in rural areas despite them being expensive to install. Directional antennas are best used in fringe areas to give a higher gain. It would be best if you pointed them towards the antennas transmitting the picture and sound waves. Un-directional antennas are best for use indoors.


An antenna with a long-range reception is the best for you. You should pick the best long range outdoor tv antenna for rural areas. The range may be up to 150 miles away. This makes it able to receive many signals from a distance. More signals are brought to your reach when the antenna range is high. Apply the ‘Transmission formula’ to know the range of an antenna, a formula is known as the

It merely indicates that the power that an antenna gets is dependent on the operation frequency, distance, and the gain of both the transmitting and receiving antennas. This assumes that these antennas (the receiving and the transmitting) are in free space. This predicts the range of an antenna hard to get.

Therefore, there must be no obstructions to hinder the transmission of signals. The longer the range in an antenna, the more the channels will be displayed.

Television Amplifier

You need to purchase an amplifier that is ideal for use. Consider the noise levels of the amplifier.

Sound signal amplification may be brought by an antenna that has a lower value and thus great sensitivity. If an antenna’s noise level is 2dB, it is suitable for regular use, while levels from 4-6Db are relatively high.

Consider the gain in a television amplifier too as it is of more importance also. The average gain values should be from 12-30Db. However, these higher values are not always good as they can do more harm by amplifying the signal too much. They should be well balanced to ensure proper workflow.

Frequency Coverage

There must be Very High Frequency (VHF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) for a TV channel. Consider purchasing a TV antenna that has both VHF and UHF qualities. VHF has a channel range of 2-13 on its low band, while on its high band, it has a range of 7 -13. UHF channel range is 14-51.

This will enable you to receive most of the channels around you easily. Antennas with single frequencies are not as flexible as those with dual capability. Those with more than one frequency are more beneficial to have. Have a clear idea of the frequency coverage you want your antenna to reach. The more the frequencies, the more the channels displayed.


Waterproof antennas are the best outdoor antennas to have as they are not damaged by water, be it rains or ice. They may be made from fiberglass, stainless steel, and plastic. Being waterproof makes antennas last long and also makes them resistant to corrosion and rust.

The antenna should not be damaged by rainwater, as this means you will lose almost all the signals for your channels. This property of being water-resistant makes it easy to maintain and take care of the antenna. There will be less signal loss as the antenna will be functioning well.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Antenna

Indoor antennas are easy to mount, light in weight, and simple in their make. It makes it easier for you to fix them on your TV. They work best when placed near a window or a high wall in the room than when placed next to the television. An example of indoor antennas includes the dipole and loop antennas.

You have an option for changing the antenna’s position in your house to prevent signal loss. It should always face the direction of the towers broadcasting. The indoor antennas are best for use in urban areas.

Outdoor antennas are more extensive when compared to indoor antennas. This is why they are recommended for roof or attic mounting. Larger surface areas on an outdoor antenna will give a good signal and watch many channels.

The outdoor antennas are more expensive to install than the indoor antennas. They further have directional antennas to which they obtain the strongest signals. Examples of outdoor antennas include the log-periodic and the Yagi. They are best for use in suburban and rural areas.

Signals Amplifier

This simply means the devices that are used to make the power of electric signals more. It is an amplifier of electric oscillations. There are several signal amplifiers, namely high-frequency amplifiers, low-frequency amplifiers, video amplifiers, and DC amplifiers. They prevent signal losses that may be caused by splitting of signals to many televisions.

Amplifiers are designed so that they have many systems for sensing signals to give an accurate gain. This makes it easier for the reception of signals, pictures, and sound waves. However, if the signal boosters are poorly set, they tend to malfunction and interfere with other wireless networks. This will be after failing to transmit the signals as expected.

Setting Up

The manufacturer will always provide a user manual upon purchase of the product. The antenna should be easy to set up and mount. Follow the instructions given correctly when mounting your antenna to ensure that it gives the best results; if the antenna has a longer cable, the better. This is because it will ease your work, and you only have to put it at its best point.

Weather Protection

Consider purchasing an outdoor antenna that is weather resistant. They will normally work despite weather conditions changes, be it sunny, rainy, or windy. These kinds of antennas always give the best reception, and you will only watch what you like.

This property makes your outdoor antenna long-lasting as it will serve you for a long time without being damaged or replaced. As a result, you will have gotten value for your money.

Antenna Gain

Antenna’s gain of signals determines the power it has. The gain in antennas is measured using units known as decibels (dB). If the Db is higher, it will mean that the gain will be bigger. It should be able to get as many signals as possible to experience a good time watching. The antennas do not produce power by any means.

What antenna gains are absolutely what you are going to receive. Things like tall buildings may hinder your antenna from receiving signals and thus failing to show some channels. Electronic appliances may also be a hindrance. In such a case, it is better to put your antennae above the ground.


There are several brands of antennas in the market, and thus you need to get one that suits your needs. The antenna brand you choose should be easy to install and safe to use to avoid unnecessary accidents. In case you have difficulties when installing, let a professional do the installation for you. Simple brands tend to be less expensive when compared to complex ones.

It should be of good quality too. Be sure of the kind of antenna brand you want to buy as many are in the market. You also need to consider where you live as high buildings may cause signal loss. Make sure the brand you buy can meet your needs in all ways.

Do thorough research before deciding on the type of brand you want to buy, as the modern brands may have some additional features that improve your signal reception. Most of your favorite channels will be easy to access.

Gain and Directivity Power 

You need to know whether the antenna you purchase is directional or multi-directional. Directional antennas have their signals strong in a particular direction. This is the direction in which they point mostly. Multi-directional signals may get their signals from whichever direction making it easy for you to watch your choice channel. This means the antenna’s gain of signals should be strong. It should be able to get as many signals as possible to experience a good time watching. The antennas do not produce power by any means.

Terrestrial or Satellite antenna

This type of television broadcasting will transmit the signal through radio waves from an earth-based transmitter. This will be for broadcasting on frequencies from 47- 250 MHz in the VHF. In some countries, it may be from 470-960 MHz in the UHF. Terrestrial broadcasting is also known as ‘over-the-air’ broadcasting. It is more complicated than the use of a cable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best outdoor TV antenna for rural areas?

A: It may get challenging for signals to reach rural areas well as there may be obstructions like mountains and valleys, trees, and other obstacles. All this will affect the reliability and quality of the antenna signal you will receive from your antenna. You ought to buy a long antenna cable to enhance a better reception. You need to choose the right antenna.

A larger and long-range style antenna will do best in fringe areas.

Consider the height at which you are mounting your antenna. The best results are usually obtained by mounting the antenna on higher mounts. Also, ensure that there is a reasonable cable distance to enhance a better reception of signals.

Q: Can one connect their antenna to several televisions in the house?

A: This will be dependent on the strength of the signal in your area. You may also choose to connect the coaxial cable to HDTV to add more time for installation. You may connect up to 4 televisions in the house using a distribution amplifier.

However, this will weaken the signals as they will be distributed to the different output ports.

The signals will weaken as a result of insertion losses. Connecting your antenna to several televisions will be possible using a cable splitter, a network tuner box, and a distribution amplifier. This makes it easy for you to watch your televisions with ease at any time.

Q: What are the numbers of channels that I can get when using an antenna?

A: Depending on where you live, you may get a different variety of channels from your antenna. For instance, in a metropolitan area, you are likely to receive even as many as 100 channels or more using a digital antenna. Available channels will be shown using either red or green colors.

Q: Do HDTV antennas work in rural areas?

A: HDTV antennas receive normal pictures with the same sound quality but what makes them different from others is their ability to broadcast in full HD. Smaller antennas will do best in areas with strong signals. Consider the mounting height of your TV antenna. The higher you mount your antenna, the better the reception.

The cable distance should also matter as they tend to lose signals above 100 feet of a cable run. Do not split the signal. This is for the sake of having stronger signals and better images as well. Always ensure the antennas are well placed as they may be affected by trees, among other things.

Q: How can I get better TV reception in rural areas?

A: It is common to have TV reception area antennas put above the roof in rural areas. At this position, they work better when compared to the ones installed on the ground. All the cables should come together in one splitter to enhance more strength.

A well designed directional antenna will work best in rural areas. The signal amplification should be from 5db to 10db. In rural areas, you should cut the cord using an antenna. You will notice that the basic channels are easily received. Again in rural areas, the use of a booster and amplifiers will improve the signals too.

Q: How can I boost my outdoor antenna signal strength?

A: You need a robust signal for your television so that you can watch a variety of channels you like. First of all, direct your antenna correctly towards the point where the signal is strong. This way, you are also likely to pick up sub-channels.

Change your antenna placement to a better one. You may have your antenna facing the right direction but poorly placed, and this will make your signal strength poor. Get an amplifier to improve your antenna’s reception.

Amplifiers get the signals broadcasted from their network stations as they amplify other signals as well. This way, your antenna has a better way of improving its signal strength.

Q: Why is my antenna not picking up my channels?

A: Your antenna may fail to pick up channels if at all, it is not connected correctly. If it shows ‘No Signal,’ it may be as a result of wrong input. Try to change it into AV, TV, or DTV. Always check if there is corrosion, loosely hanging cables, or spoilt cables as they may also make your antenna not pick up.

Disconnect the splitter from the cable heading to the television. Allow the cable to go through the Television converter box and let it scan a channel. This will enable you to get your channels back. If the coaxial cable is longer than 100 feet, your antenna is likely to lose its signal.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

An outdoor Tv antenna is an essential item for people who live in rural areas. Installing them will help you enjoy watching your favorite tv stations because they offer great signal reception. On top of that, you have plenty of tv shows to choose from.

If you were considering to invest in the best outdoor TV antenna, I hope you have found some insights from this guide. We have provided top recommendations and detailed buying tips to assist you in buying wisely. Depending on your preference, you can choose from any of these antennas and enjoy high signal reception and many channels in rural areas.

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