Top 10 Best Masonry Drill Bits Review 2021 [Ultimate Guide]

Drilling holes on tough surfaces like concrete requires a powerful drill bit. Using a regular hammer drill will not provide the desired results on your projects because of overheating. However, with the best masonry drill bits, you can ease your work and get professional results. Additionally, these drill bits improve your safety and give you a neat job.

Even if you have the best professional skills, using the wrong tools will not give you perfect finishes. Therefore, you should complete your skills with a quality tool for better results. If you plan to use your drill bits frequently on concrete, you require a durable, sharp, and strong model.

You don’t need to stress getting a top-notch masonry drill bit because we are here to help you. We understand the multitude of options on the market can make your buying confusing. We will discuss the top quality masonry drill bits that will suit your projects. Moreover, we will also give you a thorough buyer’s guide and other tips to help you make the right choice.

Top 10 Best Masonry Drill Bits 2021

Drill bits are essential tools when making holes. To drill in tough materials like blocks, concrete, and stones, you need to get the best quality masonry drill bits. These bits are available in different diameters to suit your needs.

So, what are the best masonry drill bits? Choosing the right masonry drill bit requires you to consider various determining factors that contribute to a quality tool. You have to check the materials, type of bit, sharpening, size, compatibility, and coating, among others. Read these top reviews and compare them closely to determine which one is ideal for you.

1. Dewalt dw5207 7-piece premium percussion masonry drill bit set.

dewalt dw5207

DeWALT is committed to the purpose and gives you the most durable tools you need for your masonry duties. The performance of the drill is commendable and tends to give excellent results where other models fail. DeWALT dw5207 features a four-flute design, which ensures the efficiency of the tool. The design enables the tool to clear debris as you drill, giving you a neat drill.

When working on any kind of masonry drilling, the DeWALT DW5207 is the perfect pick for you. The bits are made of strong material and perfect shape to ensure easy drilling. The manufacturing materials’ strength enables you to get durable products, and it does not matter the storage conditions.

It features 6 pieces of tools necessary to drill any masonry surface. Also, the pieces are compatible with multiple power drills and are easy to use. A coat of rock carbide is integrated at the pieces’ tips to enhance the strength and durability of the pieces. The coat also minimizes the chances of rust on the pieces.


  • Lucrative design and style.
  • Easy to use on concrete.
  • Easy to control with cordless harmer drills.
  • It ensures quality and durability.
  • The flute design stops debris from accumulating.


  • It gets overheated when in use.

2. Qworks 5 Pcs Set- Multi-Material Masonry Drill Bit Set.

masonry drill bit set

An individual with masonry projects would need a robust drill bit with a professional touch for their work. Q works won’t disappoint; with a set of five-tool pieces, you get the most out of the device. Not most brands can manage to penetrate through hard material, but Q works is an excellent one. The model is designed to be unique in the sense that it can effortlessly bore through various surfaces such as brick, tile, and concrete.

Using the drill features a unique “U” shaped flute design, ensuring that debris you create when working is fast eliminated, giving you a clean working space. For a firm grip, the drill bit features a triangular anti-skid handle. The handle is designed to enhance control by ensuring the bits can sit better regardless of the drill chuck.

Another good thing about the drill is the precision that you don’t have to worry about since it can work on any type of material. Durability is another feature enhanced by tungsten carbide tips, which increase the tool’s robustness, giving you a long-lasting device.


  • 4-flute design easily eliminates debris.
  • Suitable for bricks and concrete.
  • Very tough storage case..
  • Handy wear mark indicator.
  • Proprietary HCK tech for improved performance.


  • Not suitable for drilling holes in glass.

3. Rythcraft – long masonry drill bit.

long masonry drill bit

The drill bits set is made of tough stainless steel to enhance its longevity. The drill is heat resistant, and you cannot experience any burning while you are making a hole on whatever material. The model is highly efficient thanks to its sharp cutting edge. The drill bits use a high-robust carbide tip to penetrate even the most abrasive material with ease.

Featuring the anti-skid triangle handle, as a user, you can control the drill with ease. The drill features a spiral chip space design, which enhances the rate of chip removal and enhances the drill’s convenience, making drilling a breeze. Also, plastic storage makes the drill easy to store and move around.

The product’s manufacture has paid keen attention to the drill’s details and ensures it is made of industrial-grade rugged and durable. The long life of the drill bits is greatly enhanced by high-hardness carbide blade-excellent abrasion tolerance. The drill also offers a wide range of applications since it comes with different pieces of various sizes, making it ideal for all masonry needs. The hard tip enhances the speed and efficiency of the drill when making holes in different surfaces.


  • Sharp and effective masonry bits.
  • Works well with concrete.
  • Durable and easy to use.
  • Has anti-skid triangle handle.
  • A wide range of application.


  • Sometimes take along to make a hole.

4. Comoware : best masonry drill bit for concrete.

best masonry drill bit for concrete

Commonly, the brands that have been in the market for a long give excellent products. However, some new players also prove to be reliable. Comoware is one of the latest brands of masonry drills of air-operated precision piercing tools. For any new convenient product in the market, then Comoware is the ideal pick.

The drill features 7 pieces made with top-notch quality of industrial-grade steel impregnated with carbon. The pieces are then treated with heat to ensure high performance and resistance to rust, which translates to longevity. The bits are robust, making it a breeze to work even under tough conditions. Thanks to the bits’ versatility, you can work through multiple surfaces with the drill set, including ceramic tile, rock, plastic artificial stone, and others.

An upgrade of 2-flute design helps the drill to give you neat results on your working surfaces. The design is efficient in removing dirt from your working surfaces. Also, several drilling needs can be catered for by the Comoware drill set since the pieces come in diverse sizes. The difference in sizes does not only cater to masonry work but also other drilling needs.


  • Durable, and it resists rust.
  • You can get it in different sizes.
  • The 2-flute design makes it easy to eliminate debris.
  • High-quality construction.
  • Provides fast and efficient drilling.


  • Does not cut through hard materials.

5. bosch masonry drill bit set reviews : 7-Pcs Carbide-Tipped SDS –Plus Rotary Hammer Drill Bit Set.

bosch masonry drill bit set

Bosch does not disappoint when it comes to their products. Bosch 7-pcs carbide tipped drill set gives you excellent performance regardless of being a professional contractor or doing it yourself enthusiast. The drill set is made with the manufacturer paying attention to the details, durability and its performance, and a touch of professional results.

The set features durable pieces that can tolerate tough conditions, thanks to the titanium coat, which ensures top-grade protection. The titanium nitride coating not only enhances protection but also boosts the product’s speed compared to other products. The Bosch pieces are robust enough to eliminate your worries when boring through any surface from soft to extremely abrasive surface.

With seven drilling pieces, Bosch is set to meet several of your drilling needs. The drill comes with a unique alert feature that ensures you know when the bit is almost wearing out. When working with the device, be sure of neat results due to the 4-flute design, which eliminates dirt and dust.


  • It features a portable design.
  • The titanium-coated drilling pieces are durable.
  • Effective on concrete wall.
  • It ensures quality.
  • Reliable and versatile application.


  • No storage case.

6. masonry drill bit bosch IMC500:  5-Piece Impact Multi-Construction Drill Bit Set.

masonry drill bit bosch

So, what does this German device bring to the table? German products are known for none other than excellence. Getting Bosch IMC500, you bag excellent performance, versatility, quality, and durability in one device. With the design and the quality of the material used to manufacture the pieces, you don’t have to worry about negative results.

Thanks to its versatile nature, the device is a multi-construction drill of incredible reliability. With the drill, there are few or no surfaces that you cannot touch. Due to the versatility, the productivity of the device is guaranteed. With carbide tips, the tool’s bits are bound to be durable, and their sharpness is assured for along with an upgrade of the cutting edge.

The drill also features bits that are easy to operate and are compatible with several power drills. The compatibility is due to the fantastic hex shank design. The design also attributes to the device’s flexibility, making it possible to operate the tools in hammers and impactor operation. When using Bosch IMC500, you get neat results, which can be traced to a steep flute design that gets rid of debris.


  • Quicker material removal.
  • Compatible with several power drills
  • Upgrade of the cutting edge.
  • It provides advanced performance.
  • Faster drilling on materials.


  • Some bits can be weak.

7. SNUG Fasteners Five Carbide Tip – 1 2 inch masonry drill bit.

1 2 Inch Masonry Drill Bit

Some products might not have a prolific history, but that does not mean their performance is poor. SNUG fasteners drill bits for concrete might not be familiar, but it is worth the task. The drill is made of robust material to ensure its strength and versatility. If you need the best drill for several surfaces and neat holes, then SNUG fasteners drill bits have an ideal solution for you.

The drill features a tip made of high-quality carbide to enhance the speed of cutting and the drill’s longevity. Therefore, no need for fast replacement. The drill is also ideal for brick and not concrete application only. The hex shank technology the product features makes it compatible with any standard drill.

SNUG fasteners add a touch of professionalism to your project and thus easy to use whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional. Also, the package consists of five bits, which come in different sizes to ensure all your construction needs are covered.


  • The drill is firm thus easy to control.
  • It easily cuts through cement without Hassle.
  • The quality is up to standards.
  • Compatible with standard drills.


  • Not ideal for tough jobs.

8. EZARC 5pcs – best carbide tipped masonry drill bits.

Best Carbide Tipped Masonry Drill Bits

A lot of tools that are used in the masonry industry require maximum strength to be able to handle heavy-duty tasks. For individuals who are focusing on the industrial robustness of a tool, EZARC is the ideal drill bit for you. You might have tried different brands but never have you found the drill bit that can pierce similar holes with neat finishes. However, EZARC got your back.

According to the quality of performance from the drill bit, many fall for it. First, the elegant design with an appealing blue touch on the flute is appealing. The appearance cannot tell the multi-purpose tool’s performance; however, it is not bad to admire. The pieces are made top quality tungsten carbide tip. The feature ensures the long life of the device and that it can penetrate several surfaces.

EZARC features an edge that delivers incredible speed even on hard surfaces, thanks to the edge’s proficient multi-grind shape. Unlike other brands, the drill features a massive “U” flute design. The feature eliminates dirt as fast as it appears. Also, a Hex shank design of the device ensures a good bit of grip.


  • The “U” flute design quickly eliminates dirt.
  • Suitable for concrete.
  • Provides an excellent drilling speed.
  • Usable on various materials.
  • It has sharp edges.


  • Quality not very good.

9. Bosch HCBG700 7PCS Blue Granite Hammer Drill Masonry Bit Set

masonry drill bits sets

Bosch has been a top German manufacturer producing the best of quality products, including masonry drill bits. Bosch HCBG700 is one of the best drill bits that comes with the common sizes of drilling tools, making it perfect for use when working on concrete, stone, and masonry work. The bits are compliant to ANSI, thus making soft by hex shank design to stay longer in your drill chuck throughout your operation.

Bosch HCBG700 comes with a set of seven pieces arranges in an appealing design that makes it compact and easy to pack. Also, the bits are compatible with hammer drills and regular drills, thus adding to their versatility. The drill features a unique feature of 6-inch-long bits, enabling you to reach farther than other common brands can. The feature makes it a breeze for you to work in tight spaces.

The thing to fall for in this product is the “U” shaped flute design, which ensures dirt is eliminated as soon as it develops. Also, the diamond-ground carbide tip enhances the drill’s precision and speed, apart from playing a major durability role.


Easy to pack.

Great performance on tough materials.

You will enjoy a long service life.

Great for smaller drill bits.

Compatible for hammer and regular drills.


Quality does not meet the expectation.

Why Do You Need a Masonry Drill Bit?

Masonry drill bits are tools used when dealing with tough surfaces, like when drilling through stones, concrete, or brick, among others. The tools are made of strong materials that are long-lasting and heat resistant. It is very essential to use tools for the right purpose to get the best outcomes and also for the proper tool safety. Different tools are made for various purposes, such as tools used for smooth surfaces, while others are made to work best on rough surfaces. If you use a tool for the use it’s not intended for; you may end up damaging it.

Rough Surfaces

When dealing with rough surfaces, you must select the tools for that task, and they will be required to use tougher tools since the surface is rough. When drilling on rough, heavy, and rigid materials, you may consider reducing the speed concerning how deep you want to drill.

Improve Accurateness

Choosing the right set of masonry drills will among the key factors to improving your accuracy in your work. After selecting the right set of masonry, the next thing should be ensuring that they are properly and well assembled to function properly, accurately, and effectively. Working with the right speed when drilling a specific material can also bring about accuracy. For heavy materials and rough surfaces, it’s always recommended to use lower speeds, and for smooth surfaces and light materials, a higher speed can be implied.

Less noise

When using masonry tools, like when you are drilling, the tools mostly make noise, especially as you increase the speed. Too much noise maybe not only a distraction to your ears but also the people nearby. Everyone wants a quiet and peaceful environment to stay in; I believe you as well. So even using your drilling tools, you will reduce the noise and use a protective earmuff for your ears. This will mean reducing the speed at which you are drilling. When faced with circumstances where you need to be faster, you can opt to drill in the afternoons.

Increase cutting speed

Depending on what you are drilling, the speed you are drilling at will defer. When drilling on in-depth hard materials, you can increase your drilling speed. When drilling at very high speed generates heat, which is not favorable for your drilling tool. It will cause friction whereby you can oil to reduce friction when drilling. Most manufacturers have come up with the right speed to use for given materials, giving the users an easy time setting the speed when drilling.

Increase Lifespan

Most masonry tools last for like 3 weeks to a month. When well used and well maintained, their lifespan could increase. When they are not used well, they tend to break easily. Another factor that determines a masonry drill’s lifespan is the quality of materials it is made of; if it’s of good quality, be sure it will serve you for more days compared to other low-quality materials. Lastly, the drilled material can condition a drill’s lifespan; if you are drilling on rough surfaces using a smooth tool, it will wear too quickly.

How to Choose the Best Masonry Drill Bits Set?

Choosing the best masonry drill bits set can be challenging, especially if you are a beginner on masonry tasks if you don’t know exactly the components. The key to selecting the best masonry drill bits set is knowing the size of the hole you intend to make or rather to drill.

This will help you know the exact size and also the shape of the tool you will use.  If you intend to make a great depth hole, and that will last, you will need to use a drill bit of a good standard and high quality. That will not disappoint you!

Different Types of Masonry Tasks

There are various tasks that masons carry out by using different tools. These tools are made of different shapes and sizes and for different functions. These tools include a crowbar, pickaxe, tooth chisel, trowel, corner trowel, mason square, among many others. All tools are very essential and do each different job.


The materials used to make the masonry drill bit set are mostly made of strong materials like steel. Steel is very long-lasting, and hence it will serve you a longer period compared to other materials. Another key and important feature of steel is rust-resistant steel, so corrosion will not occur on it.

Tungsten Carbide

It’s made of very strong integrated metals that produce trimming appliances. These materials drills hole even to strong pieces of metals, and they are rust-resistant.  When using these tools, you will need to be extra cautious to avoid any breakage. You can be sure to get well final results after using tungsten carbide.


The key to being productive and very effective on your masonry work is choosing a great combination of masonry drill bits. Working with the right tools will not only give you safety, but also you will be very accurate at what you do. Working with the right set of Masonry drill bits will also save you time and get neat results.

Low Carbon Steel

When working in masonry, you will find that there is a low carbon steel used to make the tools in most tools. They tend to work very well on soft surfaces. The prices are relatively low as compared to others, and they heat up easily hence making them flimsy.

Superspeed Steel

Masonry drill bits made of super speed steel are very long-lasting and very strong due to the materials they are made of, like diamond powder and carbide. They have a covering that is sturdy and gives it strength. In addition to that, they are corrosion-resistant, and they resist heat.

Bit Types

In this new technological era, it’s very easy to find very many different types of bits, and therefore for if you are buying it for the first time, it can be challenging. Getting the best type of doesn’t have too hectic the key is mastering the bit’s features according to the task it will carry out.

Power Drill Compatibility

It’s always good to ensure that all your masonry drill bits are compatible with your tools. This will not only make you effective and productive, but it will also bring safety to you as you use the tools.


There are various sizes of Masonry drill bits set. And to be effective and productive at your work, you will need to select the right sizes depending on the material you are drilling. You will also find them in various lengths, mostly from 0.003meter to 0.5inches and a diameter varying from 350mm to 450mm.


When you go out there to the market, you will find different masonry drill bits at different shapes, sizes, and different prices. Select the best quality and a pocket-friendly one. Every customer wants to see the value of their money by getting a product they want in good shape and good quality.


Most of the masonry drill bits bet have a coating. This is because the coatings help reduce friction when drilling through different, mostly very hard metals. The coating is made from black oxide, titanium oxide, among many others. The coating makes it easy to bore through when drilling the materials.

Titanium Oxide

This is also referred to as Titania. It’s used as the best coating because it’s very durable and resistant to heat and corrosion. They are economical

Diamond Powder Coating

Tips made of diamond powder coating are very strong, and they contain a coating that gives it that hardness and resistance feature. It drills hard materials like stone and bricks. Coating made of diamond is great to use! There are heat and rust-resistant, and their prices are relatively higher as compared to others.

Titanium Nitride

It’s a solid material, it resists rust, and it is prone to quick wear and tear. It’s made from stoneware, and it’s mostly used to coat carbide, steel, titanium, among many others. It well enhances the outer part of the metal. It is readily available, and its price is pocket-friendly.

Titanium Aluminum Nitride

This coating constitutes three very strong and very durable components: titanium, aluminum, and nitride, respectively. They are heat and rust-resistant and hence works very well as a coating. It mostly works best with hard, tough materials such as untainted steel, aluminum among others.

Sharpening & Resharpening

Masonry drill bits get blunt as you use them more often, and that calls for sharpening.  Working with tools that are not sharp enough will not take more of your time and make you unproductive, but it may also damage the tools. It’s always a good thing to often sharpen the tools. A commonly used tool is the drill sharpening tool.

How to Use Masonry Drill Bits?

  • Drill bits come in a range of sizes and quality;
  • High-speed standard steel
  • Cobalt coated
  • Black oxide coated
  • carbide tipped

When choosing a drill bit, it is important to consider the drill material, base design, coating, and tip geometry. This will also govern how you fix and use a drill. Standard cobalt or black oxide is used on wood, soft bricks, and plastic. Carbide tipped bits are better for harder materials. The SDS or black oxide can be used on heavy-duty drillings such as the reinforced concrete and bricks or very hard wood workpiece.

Rotary or Hammer Drill

Both tools are very unique and serve a unique purpose. Though in regards to masonry, it would be a Rotary hammer drill over a Hammer drill. Mainly because it has better features to handle heavy-duty jobs, unlike hammer drill, which mainly drives in fasteners and bores holes.

Insert A Masonry Drill Bit

Fixing a bit would need precision. The drill bit is inserted into the three jaws machine chuck that holds the drill in place. Make sure the drill is at the center of the three jaws, which closes and opens when the collar is rotated.

Measure The Depth

The most used mode to measure depth while drilling is the use of tape strips. The tape is quite easy and efficient to use. It is applied to indicate estimated drill depth. Most machines come with a depth stop tool that gauges how deep to drill.

Pick The Spot

Getting a perfect drill will require being keen on the desired measurement. The job will determine the drill spot. This can be achieved by marking the spot, making a small hole with a nail, and drilling faster to avoid the machine from wandering.

Start Drilling

Once you have the right drill bit fixed on the machine, ensure the workpiece is clean. Confirm the required measurement by making a mark using a nail to help hold the drill.  Set the drilling machine for a fast enough speed to avoid wonder and start drilling.

Breakthrough Obstructions

The most important safety precaution when using a power drill is to avoid using pressure when drilling. Breaking through anything comes with the thought of using some force. In drilling breaking through obstruction will require constant but moderate tempo drilling speed to avoid machine damage and injury.

Blow Out the Dust

Most drilling machines do not come with a built-in duct collector. Though in the market, there are a few dust suction or drill vacuum machines. Also, a variety of drills have pointed tips and a spiral body that removes most loose dust.

Masonry Drill Bit Precautions

  • To get the best out of any drilling job, it is important to:
  • Always make sure to use the right drilling machine and drill bit for the specific job.
  • Secure the fastening and locking features of the drilling machine.
  • Start every drilling job with a punch on the specific spot to avoid the drill wandering.
  • The drill bits collect dust that should be removed often.
  • For the desired drill depth, use tape to reduce tear-out or for a clean drill.
  • Use slow speed plus pressure on metal and use fast speed less pressure on the wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best drill bit for drilling concrete?

Different drilling jobs need different drill bits. It is very important to choose the size and correct drill bit. The best drill bit for drilling concrete is the high-speed, single head, cobalt, and carbide coated cutter bits. They give the best chip and heat resistance. And has more wear and tear resistance. It is also durable and can be sharpened to extend its use and reach its maximum life span. This drill bits durability makes it a good investment for masonry work as they are slightly pricier.

Q: What is the maximum life span of a masonry drill bit last?

A: Some drill bits have a longer life span than others. The basic steel quality drill bits have lesser wear and tear resistance and a shorter maximum life span. If compared, cobalt and carbide coating high steel drill bits last longer. Having many bits being used at a time will ensure they last longer. A standard maximum life span for these drill bits will depend mainly on use, handling, and maintenance. Good care of drill bits will ensure the last longer or more than the expected time of replacement.

Q: How do I choose a masonry drill bit?

A: It is very important to use the right masonry drill bit for the right job to avoid injuries or machine damage.

  • Know the variety of drills in the market, their availability, and their price range.
  • Choose one that best for the job and works with your budget.
  • Research on what type of drill bit would fit the job and how to use it.
  • Go for a bit that is durable and has a long life span.
  • It is also wise to acquire some knowledge of the range of available drill bits.

Q: What are masonry drill bits used for?

A: Masonry is the art or skill of building with brick and raw stone. Masonry drill bits are tool parts used on a drilling machine. They come in a range of types and sizes and a differentiated by;

  • The materials they are made of.
  • Their coating is used to reinforce them.
  • And the geometrical shape and size of the tips.

These small tool bits are fixed into a drilling machine and used to bore or drill holes on wood, plastic, steel, and even concrete.  Note that specific drill bits are used for specific drilling jobs

Q: How long does a masonry drill bit last?

A: The life span of a drill bit will depend on how it is handled and not used for its specified function. The life of a drill bit can be longer if properly used, cleaned, and stored. It can have a shorter span if used for harder jobs than it is meant for, like using it for concrete and not wood.

The drill is designed to work smoothly, and using it with force will damage. Overall the care given to the bit will determine how long it will last.

Q: Can you drill steel with a masonry bit?

A: Interesting enough, you can drill steel with a masonry drill bit. The most probable one being the high steel speed coated with carbide and cobalt. These drilling bits have a through spindle coolant used to remove chips that may widen the hole and damage the workpiece surface finish. This can also wear out the tool.

The high-speed steel and high cycle time make using a masonry bit possible for drilling steel. Though this should be a one-off and not a constant tool for steel drilling, as this will damage the drill

Final Verdict

There are plenty of ways you can use to make holes. If you are dealing with masonry work, investing in the best masonry drill bits will make your projects successful. This tool will help you make efficient holes because their diameter matches the length of a hole you intend to make. We have given you quality masonry drill bits to drill through concrete and other tough materials easily.

These drill bits are from top brands, and they provide reliable performance. So, if you were not well-informed about these drill bits, I believe you have useful information to help you choose wisely. With our expert reviews and buyer’s guide, it will be easier for you to consider the best masonry drill bit.

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