Top 10 Best Double Sided Tape 2021 [Ultimate Guide]

Adhesive tapes are the most used tapes in household and industrial jobs. The best double sided tape is an effective and efficient way of solving broken, fixing, or bonding situations within the household. Though it is not a one size fits all solution.

You can use various adhesive tapes depending on what needs you want to achieve. In the market are different double-sided tapes made to meet the demand of almost every kind of need. This involves mounting, sticking, fixing, mending, or joining anything without using screws and bolts.

Though it is not advisable to purchase tape so you can fix a household situation. All adhesive tapes in the market come with instruction, though to achieve the maximum desired effect. You need professional help regarding the types of double-sided tapes, how and when to use them. You can use them on wood, metal, fabric, plastic, glass, and even tiles. Read on to choose the right double-sided tape.

top 10 Best Double Sided Tape Reviews in 2021

We understand the market has plenty of mounting tapes to pick from. It is advisable to inquire from experts on which particular adhesive tape is the best for the work you want. This will save time and money or trials and errors. That is whether you are working with all kinds of surfaces such as wood, metal, plastic, glass, fabric, and even tiles.

The double-sided tape is most efficient when applied longitudinally and with some pressure. This allows it to hold evenly the weight of the object you are mounting. The use of a roller is great to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

The popularity of double-sided tapes has made them easily available at the local store. You will find help on which adhesive tape available in the market will work for you at markets or stores. Among the most widely used double-sided tapes include:

1. Hitlights Heavy Duty – 3M Mounting Tape.

3M Mounting Tape heavy duty

The 3M Mounting Heavy Duty double-sided tape is a trendy brand of tape that is very effective and efficient when working with heavy materials, as the name suggests. It works well on smooth and rough surfaces such as glass, steel, wood, and even stone.

The tape is most efficient when you apply it longitudinally. This allows the tape to hold evenly the object’s weight you are mounting than when you apply the tape vertically on the surface.

Its heavy-duty quality enables it to withstand harsh hot and wet weather conditions. This makes it a good pick for indoor and outdoor jobs of any kind on any surface.


• It is very durable and withstands everyday wear and tear.

• The 3M mounting tape sticks very well.

• This adhesive tape sticks anything and everything and holds up to 80 pounds of weight.

• You can easily adjust it if you place it wrongly.

• Easy to apply on whatever type of surface.


• Tough to remove once and leaves a residue on the surface.

• It destroys when there is a need to remove it.

• When it is fully compressed, you cannot adjust it.

2. Gorilla Heavy Duty Double Sided Mounting Tape.

Gorilla Heavy Duty Double Sided Mounting Tape

Gorilla is a top brand when it comes to making adhesives and tapes. You can pick this double-sided mounting tape for instant mounts on various surfaces. The tape provides a weatherproof and durable bond and holds up to 30 pounds.

You can use the tape on almost any surface, including; metal craft, woodwork jobs, glassware material, plastic, and even stone surfaces. Its heavy-duty quality allows it to mount and bind heavy items. The tape is useful and tough enough for completing most of your DIY projects.

Gorilla tape is easy to use and has a clean finish once you apply it. Its tough adhesive quality makes it very durable and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor jobs.


• Gorilla black mounting tape lasts long after application.

• It is an available and very affordable mounting tape.

• This tape is weatherproof.

• It is very economical and you can get it in up to 8 pack.

• Easy to apply on surfaces


• No residues after removal.

• Not easy to adjust after you apply.

• It does not hold immediately after applying.

3. Gorilla Tough & Clear XL – best double sided mounting tape.

Best Double Sided Mounting Tape

The gorilla clear tape is a viral tape you can use for household and industrial jobs. It is multipurpose hence applicable for binding and mounting, among other uses. As the name describes, it’s a clear or colorless tape.

When using the XL mounting tape, it is better to use 2 inches of tape per 1 pound for an effective and efficient hold. Note that you should apply the tape evenly across the surface longitudinally.

Using this tape will help you get a fast and firm bond. It will stick perfectly on rough surfaces to help you complete your projects successfully. The tape has the advantage of toughness that works on various jobs. It holds up to 38 pounds of heavy material.


• It is straightforward to apply.

• The tape is excellent for various surfaces.

• when used, it holds instantly.

• Gorilla tape has a perfect professional finish look.

• It is very durable and lasts long.


• Gorilla tape, once stuck, is hard to remove.

• It leaves a residue on the surface when you remove it.

• When there is a need to remove the gorilla tape, it destroys the surface.

4. EZlifego – strong double sided tape.

Strong Double Sided Tape

EZlifego Double Sided Tape is great for household and industrial use. It is a strong, clear, and very adhesive tape with very high tensile strength. You can use it for home, industrial, crafts, and even in the fashion industry.

To ensure the EZlifego tape is efficient, you should apply it on a very smooth surface. You can achieve this by first cleaning the surface with an alcohol-based wipe before applying the tape. The tape accommodates around 18 pounds, and you need to apply 4 inches per every 1 pound. If you use this tape on a dirty or flimsy wall, it will eventually fall off.

The double-sided adhesive strip has a washable quality that allows for reuse because it does not lose its stickiness or tensile strength. It is also very affordable hence suitable for people who need quality tape on a budget.


• The EZlifego tape is easy to use.

• Great bond and comes at an affordable price.

• The tape is durable and can withstand wear and tear.

• It is washable and re-useable efficiently.

• Leaves no residue when you remove.


• Not suitable for very heavy mounting.

• Does not hold immediately.

• If you misapply it, it will fall off.

5. Gorilla Tough & Clear – heavy duty mounting tape double sided.

Heavy Duty Mounting Tape Double Sided

If you need a better option than fasteners and nails, you can consider this great mounting tape. The tape can hold up to 15 pounds of weight, and it leaves a clear finish. It can handle harsh weather conditions and is therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor jobs.

This tape also has an excellent tensile strength that makes it a good pick for mounting and binding. It delivers great performance on wood, brick, tile, concrete, metal, and glass. It features an adhesive on either side to make hanging simpler.


• Gorilla black mounting tape lasts long once applied.

• Durable and affordable mounting tape.

• This tape is environmental and weatherproof.

• Gorilla is suitable for both industrial and household jobs

• This tape is also straightforward to apply on surfaces


• You cannot reuse it.

• It is hard to remove as it forms a permanent bond once applied and can damage surfaces if forced.

• This tape is hard to adjust once you apply in case of misalignment.

6. ATack Acrylic Mounting Tape – best heavy duty removable mounting tape.

Best Heavy Duty Removable Mounting Tape

The ATack Double-Sided Tape is more comprehensive than other types of foam tapes. It is a thick and strong adhesive roll that you can use for both indoor and outdoor jobs. You can apply the tape on rough, uneven surfaces like adjacent or angled corners, stone, plastic, wood, or even cemented surfaces.

Its width enables it to hold up to 15 pounds of mass only and is therefore not ideal for very heavy-duty jobs. However, you can use the tape if the double application re-enforces the Atack Acrylic mounting tape.

This tape has silicone and acrylic material to withstand extreme hot or wet weather conditions. To apply, place it vertically to allow the mounting tape to evenly balances out any mounted or bound object.


• It has a professional finish look when you apply.

• it is effortless to remove.

• Allows for easy adjustment.

• The tape is durable


• Not ideal for heavy mounting or binding.

• It may need constant replacement.

7. HitLights strongest 3m double sided tape – heavy duty mounting tape.

3m Heavy Duty Mounting Tape

If you need a strong double mounting tape for heavier and larger tools, consider this one. It works well for picture frames, greenhouse tarp, posters, and teaching items, among others. The tape is flexible to use and offers a fast installation process.

It is easy to use, and you can apply it to almost any kind of surface. It achieves maximum efficiency when applied longitudinally on the surfaces.

The flexible, adhesive, and robust quality of this tape enables application on any surface. Besides sticking and binding, you can use it for interior and exterior decorations, among other jobs.


• It is very durable and can withstand challenging environmental conditions.

• The 3M mounting tape fixes quickly and sticks very well.

• This adhesive tape sticks anything and everything.

• It can easily be adjusted if you place it wrongly

• Easy to apply on whatever type of surface.


• Not strong as advertised.

8. HitLights 16ft Transparent VHB Mounting Tape.

VHB Mounting Tape

The VHB: Very high bond dual foam tape is ideal for industrial use though you can use it for domestic purposes. It works well for home repairs, mounting, binding, motor vehicle repairs, or interior and office decorations.

Among other qualities, this very high bond mounting tape, once you apply, provides a strong airtight and waterproof seal that protects the surface. Other qualities are its ability to hold firm against movement or vibration.

This tape has a viscous elasticity quality that keeps a firm grip on bonded or mounted surfaces when exposed to stress or strain. It can withstand extreme environmental conditions.


• This double-coated acrylic foam tape is very durable.

• Its qualities ensure the protection of the surface.

• Works well on any surface.

• Suitable for heavy jobs of up to 80 pounds in weight.


• It is not easy to remove after a long period.

• It is tough to remove in the event of any adjustments. You will need a fresh adhesive strip.

• It leaves a residue when you remove it.

9. Gorilla Heavy Duty – best automotive double sided tape.

Best Automotive Double Sided Tape

This mounting tape is wider than most gorilla mounting tapes available, and it can hold about 30 pounds of weight. It is, therefore, suitable for heavy jobs. It is great for indoor and outdoor jobs. Additionally, it is compatible with almost any kind of surface like; wood, glass, metal, and stone.

This mounting tape is very durable weatherproof and can withstand very harsh environmental conditions. The tape features adhesive on either side to make hanging easy. You can therefore complete your DIY projects successfully with this tough tape.


• It is effortless to apply on surfaces and fastens very quickly.

• This mounting tape is an available and very affordable mounting tape.

• When applied, it has a professional finish look.

• You can use it for a heavy job efficiently.

• It is durable and can withstand wear and tear.


• Once you use the tape, you cannot reuse it.

• It is hard to remove as it forms a permanent bond.

10. UALAU Traceless Removable Mounting Tape – Best Double sided tape for woodworking. 

Best Double sided tape for woodworking

The UALAU Double-Sided Tape Heavy Duty has the most interestingly unique qualities since it is removable and washable. On top of that, it has a professional traceless finish look once you apply it. This dual-sided duty tape is efficient for both indoor and outdoor jobs. The tape works well on all types of surfaces except painted walls, which peel on the adhesive tape’s removal.

This heavy-duty tape features a strong and durable gel material that is very dense and can hold up to 3 pounds of weight. This tape works well on nails and other fasteners on wood, plastic, or metal material.

When you apply the tape, it gives the surface a professional traceless finished look. It perfectly works this magic on any surface, for instance, plastics, metals, woodwork material, and even stones. Many users love this tape because it is removable and washable quality.


• It saves money due to its removable and washable quality.

• Gives surfaces a beautiful professional finish look.

• Allows for constant sanitation since it is washable.

• It is very durable and reusable with the same adhesiveness once used.


• This tape doesn’t work on paints.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Double Sided Tape 

Working on projects may raise the need for bonding or mounting different pieces together. As such, you will need to select the best adhesive for that particular job. You may consider the type of project and its field, as well as the materials involved. These will guide you on what adhesive to use.

Once you establish that, you now consider the specific materials and the surfaces, like texture. The climate of the area or even the working conditions if it’s a machine will be essential. Below explained are the main factors to consider when choosing the good double sided tape.

Bonding Surfaces

When choosing the best heavy duty double sided tape for your project, the first thing to identify is the bonding surfaces. Are they smooth or rough? Are they flat or indented? These will influence your choice significantly. While you may use thick and thin tape on all surfaces, uneven surfaces require the thick one.

Some of the smooth surfaces include glass, PVC as well as aluminum. Also, well furnish or painted surfaces may be soft enough for the thin tapes. However, for painted surfaces, you need to consider the possibility of the paint peeling off. Rough surfaces include wood, cement, bricks, among others. They require thick tapes to achieve maximum contact.

Surface Energy

You need to consider the surface energy of your materials to get the best choice of tape. Surface energy is a characteristic that tells how much material is attractive or repulsive to another. Materials with a high degree of surface energy provide a good bond on their surface. They include glass, base metals, and glazed tiles, among others.

Dealing with plastics may need more considerations. This is because they have varying degrees of surface energy and will bond differently. For example, polyethylene and polypropylene are hard to establish a bond. They require a higher adhesion tape. Meanwhile, painting may help, but you need to consider that the paint may peel off. For silicone materials, there are specific tapes since it is hard to stick with conventional tapes.

Climate & Temperature

The environment of the project is crucial. Either outdoors or indoors, some factors will affect your choice of a double-sided tape. Temperatures, rain, UV rays, and extreme sunshine are just a few to mention. Tackiness is directly proportional to temperatures. Low temperatures will lead to poor bonding. However, extremely high temperatures will not be good for bonding. When dealing with cold climates, use tapes specified for low temperatures.

When working in places with a wet or extremely hot climate, I suggest using tapes specific to this climate. Also, UV rays will weaken bonds. The best tape for outdoor would be one that can withstand all weather.

Adhesion Time

This is another essential factor to consider. Do you need a tape just to hold a carpet in place in a one-day event? Or is it a socket that you need to fix on the wall? Knowing this will help you choose the best tape. You will need ones that you can easily remove when you want and maybe not leave damages for temporary tapes.

If you need one that can hold an item in place for very long, you will need to choose strong. One that won’t peel or shear easily. This will come along if you need to mount your TV but don’t want to use screws or nails on your wall.

Removal Effect

With the right choice of adhesive tapes, you will have the best bond that you need. However, when you are through with the need for it, it may be hard to remove. Some adhesive tapes will leave marks, while others may even tare the material if not firm.

If you don’t want to leave evidence of bonding, I suggest you choose a tape that will leave no marks. When dealing with painted surfaces, the adhesive may peel off paint hence the need for repainting arising. You may consider these valuable paintings to avoid losses. You can remove temporary tapes easily with minimal effects compared with permanent tapes.


Double-sided adhesive tapes come in thick and thin designs. Thick tapes have a thickness of above 0.25mm, while thin ones have a thickness of below 0.25mm. You will need to use thick tapes where surfaces are rough. This is because they will increase the surface area of bonding.

When dealing with smooth surfaces, thin tapes are ideal so long as all you consider factors. Also, thin tapes are essential where you have even but irregular surfaces. This is because they conform well will all dimensions. Especially relevant, thick tapes have the capability of having different kinds of adhesives on both sides. This will facilitate the bonding of materials of different types of surfaces.


Wide tapes may extend out to become visible on items they are used to bond. If you want to use double-sided adhesive tape, I recommend narrow ones. Tapes don’t come in a one-size-fits-all fashion. So, when choosing, ensure to take the one suitable for your project.

Some double-sided tapes have some space with no adhesive material on both sides for easier and faster removal of the release liner. Therefore, the bonding width reduces. Wide tapes are great for even distribution in some applications such as lamination. When the bond is for supporting heavyweights, a wider tape is necessary.


Dealing with recognized products is good. When using such items, quality is guaranteed.

For tapes, you may need to check the EPA codes and UL approved bands. Approval ensures that the tapes are not substandard. Everyone trusts approved products.

Best Brand for Double-Sided Tape So Far

When purchasing double-sided tapes, you need to check for the best brands. The advantage will be quality assurance and approval. Their product descriptions never mislead, and their products are not overrated.

The brands below are recognized worldwide for their longtime experience and service. Also, they provide a range of products to choose from. Getting double-sided adhesive tapes from the best brands will ensure that you get the support you need with no compromise. Most of them have taken decades to build their brand.

1. Scotch

Scotch brand is a recognized manufacturer of high quality transparent double-sided tapes. They have over 400 different types of adhesives for various projects.

Their tapes are 3M long and are easy to use. They provide strong permanent bonds that can hold up to 15 pounds of weight. Scotch tapes are weatherproof and are compatible with finished and painted surfaces.

2. Gorilla

Gorilla is a very famous brand that manufactures a wide range of products. Their products are high quality hence many people trust them. Gorilla tapes are easy to use and perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

Their tapes establish long-lasting bonds and do not leave a residue when removed. Smooth or rough surfaces, they provide strong bonds that could hold up to 30 pounds of weight.

3. Premium

With 40 years of experience and service, a Premium manufacturer produces high quality, pressure-sensitive double-sided tapes. These tapes have a wide field of application, such as industries, automotive, medical, renewable energy, and aerospace. It’s a strong brand with multiple products such as shield laminates, speed tapes, and surgical tapes.

4. Xfasten

Xfasten produces high-quality tapes that are ideal for both rough and smooth surfaces. This is because they come both thick and wide.

These tapes bonds both floor and wood safely and are easy to remove, leaving no residue. You could use Xfasten to secure carpets on the floor evenly. Xfasten products have many great features.

5. MacTac

MacTac manufacturers are famous for their transparent instant bond tapes. They are easy to use since they come with films with no liners. Although they are not permanent, they will provide support for weeks or months. This is because they are rubber-based hence affected by temperatures. With their great tackiness, they are ideal for all household projects.

6. Double Bond

As the name suggests, Double Bond is a top brand that manufactures double-sided adhesive tapes. They make high-quality adhesives that compete with other leading brands.

They are well popular for their wide variety of tapes like filament gaffers, packing, and duct tapes. Their main focus is customer satisfaction and innovation.

Ultimate Double Sided Tape Guide

Double-sided tapes come with variations that differentiate them in categories. The variations are the thickness of the tape, the presence or absence of a carrier, and its type. The texture of the surfaces influences the choice of tape thickness.

Other factors are the amount of adhesive material, release lines, and silicone coat. Nonstick materials make the liners that prevent both sides from touching. Silicone coat works in the same way. Below are the categories

Thick Double-Sided Tapes

These double-sided tapes are more than 0.25mm thick. Foam-like materials that act as carriers hold the adhesive materials.

Thick Double-sided tapes are ideal for bonding uneven surfaces since they increase the surface area of contact. Also, the thickness provides a stronger bond.

Thin Double-Sided Tapes

Thin Double-Sided Tapes have a thickness of less than 0.25mm. They help keep the completed project as thin as possible. Since they are light, they conform to smooth irregular surfaces so well. Also, they are ideal for graphics as well as display panels. This is because being thin enables them to be transparent.

Film-Like Carrier

Film-Like Carrier has polypropylene, PVC, and polyester as the adhesive carrier. On the two sides of the carrier, you have adhesives applied. This tape is ideal for use when laminating and bonding various materials. Their release liners have silicone coating to ensures that different parts of tape do not touch.

An important feature is that a film separates the two sides’ adhesives; hence you can have different adhesives when fixing surfaces with different characteristics.

Tissue Carrier

They use thin carriers on Tissue Carrier double-sided tapes. You can even tear these carriers with hands at ease. This makes the tape highly flexible.

These tapes are ideal for paper industries and automotive. Also, they are capable of holding different types of adhesives on different sides of the release liners.


Also known as transfer tapes, non-carrier tapes do not have a carrier, as the name suggests. Instead, they only have a thick layer of adhesive material. This feature enables them to be extra-thin than other tapes.

The release liners of these tapes are either PP films or silicone-coated paper. They are perfect in lamination.

Different Types of Double Sided Tape 

There are different types of double-sided tapes with other characteristics and modifications. For example, special purpose tapes provide support, where convectional tapes cannot occur due to various factors. These include wetness and extremes of temperatures.

Like Glue Dots, others provide precision and child-safe features to enable such a group of people to operate with them.

1. 3m Vhb Double Sided Tape

3M VHB Double sides tapes are strongly bonding tapes. VHB means Very High Bond. They will help you get over visible fasteners such as bolts and screws.

3M VHB tapes create long-lasting bonds very fast, and with time, these bonds strengthen even more. This tape can bind a wide range of materials like glass, steel plastics, aluminum, and paint coated surfaces.

2. Plate Mounting Tape

Plate mounting tape is a type of double-sided tape designed for use in printing and high-speed flexographic. They have a base made of a cross-linked double-sided film and a compressed PE foam. This compression enables high print definition.

Plate mounting tapes come with an embossed plastic release liner that reduces the entrapment of air.

3. Adhesive Transfer Tape

These are double-sided tapes that contain a solvent-based acrylic tack, which is ideal for different bonding types of materials. Adhesive transfer tapes are UV light resistant, as well as temperature resistant.

You can use these tapes in lamination, mounting, and closure. You will enjoy maximum stability and strength.

4. Fast – Flexible Air Sealing Tape

Fast- Flexible Air Sealing Tape is a thin, high-quality type of double-sided adhesive tape. The back has an elastic carrier, with a polyethylene release liner and an acrylic adhesive.

They have high adhesive capabilities as well as shear strength. Fast, flexible tapes are UV stable. They are useful in air sealing as well as a vapor barrier in industries.

5. Finger Lift Tape

These tapes feature an edge without adhesive on both sides. The dry edge will help you remove the liner quickly hence saving time. Finger lift tapes are useful in a wide range of industries such as envelope manufacturing, print finishing, and packaging.

6. Foam Tape

Foam tapes contain either closed or open cells, with protection on each side with an acrylic adhesive. You can use foam tape for mounting. Double-sided foam tapes are resistant to temperature changes. Also, you can use them on thermal damage, gasket application, or even sound dampening.

7. Glue Dots

Glue dots double-sided tapes are adhesives that are pressure sensitive and offer instant bonding.

They are the safest adhesives for children to use when crafting or bonding pictures on a board. Glue Dots will leave no mess as they are precise.

8. Special Purpose Double Sided Tape 

Special purpose double-sided tape provides high performance. They bond a wide range of materials like metal, glass, wood, textiles, and paints.

Special purpose tapes are ideal for specific roles. Such roles include overcoming high temperatures, use in textured materials, and modifications for easy use. You can use this group of tapes where you can’t use regular tapes due to unavoidable conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is the Strongest Double Sided Tape?

A: You can determine the strongest double-sided tape by its capability to overcome some forces. These include shear, peel, cleavage, and tensile. Also, strong adhesives should resist temperature change, UV light, and other harsh weather conditions. When supporting a load, these conditions will affect the tackiness and compromise the strength.

For instance, Gorilla double-sided tape can support up to 30 pounds of weight without breaking. This is regardless of the texture of the bonding surfaces.

Q: Can You Remove Gorilla Double Sided Tape? 

A: Gorilla double-sided tape is not removable since it forms a permanent bond. If you try to remove it, it will damage the surface of the object. Also, it could leave residues making the surface look undesirable. However, if you must remove it, you can always give it a trial.

You could use a soft soak cloth in rubbing alcohol and rub with it on the surface to remove the tape. Also, you can use a razor to scrub, taking care not to destroy the surface.

Q: What Is the Best Double Sided Tape for Clothes? 

A: The double sided tape for clothes is Scotch tape. Do not keep your favorite clothes in the wardrobe just because of a slight tear. Here is your stitch master

For any type of fabric, you can trust this longtime band when it comes to body cover-up. The specific variety is the Scotch Essentials Wardrobe Tape Strips. These tapes come in black and white and black colors hence blending well with fashion. With this, it will go unnoticed. They are strong and highly adhesive; therefore, you won’t fear the risk of tearing as you walk or stretch. Convenient and portable to keep in your pouch.

Q: How Do You Make Double Sided Tape Stick Better? 

A: Before making them stick better, it is good to ensure that you are using the right double-sided tape. Different materials bond well with various tapes. To make them stick better, you need to ensure that the surfaces you want to bond are clean and free of dirt. Then, the working temperature should not be too low or too high. When preparing your surface, ensure to warm it a little. Otherwise, use a tape specified for such conditions.

Another thing would be smoothening rough surfaces, if possible, to increase the chances of contact. When applying pressure, it is better to use a roller to ensure you do it evenly.

Q: How Do I Remove 3M Double Sided Tape from VHB?

A: These tapes are critical in different bonding objects. However, the problem emerges when it’s time to remove them. They either damage the objects, or they leave ugly-looking residues. To overcome this, there are a few methods that you can try.

First, you can soak a cloth in rubbing alcohol, then rub the tape until you altogether remove it together with its residues. You could also use a razor very carefully to dislodge the object’s glue, ensuring not to damage it. If little residues persist, you can try the first method.

Q: What Is the Best 3M Double Sided Tape?

A: The best 3m double-sided tape will give you most of the exemplary tape features if not all. A tape will essentially bond with a high degree of tackiness, strong bond, resistance to weather conditions, and great thickness. A good tape should be multipurpose hence connecting both smooth and rough surfaces.

Also, having a great carrier such as polyester will make the tape strong, resistant to harsh conditions, and flexible. 3M™ VHB™ Tape is the best with many benefits. Mind you, and it fills gaps and cracks on substrates. It has a lot of application in even eliminating fasteners such as bolts and screws.

Final Verdict & Recommendation 

In most cases, the kinds of jobs that come up will determine the type of double-sided tapes you will opt for. The cost determines and availability of that particular product that will fit the job. For light and indoor jobs, I recommend a mounting tape that holds up to 30 pounds. On the other hand, I recommend heavy-duty tapes of up to 80 pounds hold for indoor or outdoor heavy jobs. I believe you will find it easy picking the most suitable double-sided mounting tape to suit your projects.

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