Top 5 Best Asphalt Driveway Crack Filler 2021 [Reviews]

Driveways are crucial areas for people with vehicles. However, these areas are prone to cracks as well as potholes. If not well taken care of can worsen the situation. Once you realize a cracking on the driveway, it is good you repair it as soon as possible before the cracking gets deep. To repair, you need to have the best asphalt driveway crack filler for better filling work. 

Driveways are crucial areas for people with vehicles. However, these areas are prone to cracks as well as potholes. If not well taken care of can worsen the situation. Once you realize a cracking on the driveway, it is good you repair it as soon as possible before the cracking gets deep. To repair, you need to have the best asphalt driveway crack filler for better filling work.

SLProduct NamePrice
1 Red Devil 0637 Acrylic Asphalt Crack Filler Check Amazon Price
2 Dalton Enterprises 35099 Pli-Stix 30 Ft Check Amazon Price
3Driveway Elastomeric Emulsion Crack Filler Check Amazon Price
4 Road Rescue Asphalt Repair Check Amazon Price
5 3-Part Epoxy Mortar Patching System Check Amazon Price

Asphalt crack fillers are available in the market with a difference in price, quality, and effectiveness. I have reviewed the best asphalt crack fillers coming up with the best five from the long list. This review will help you decide on the top pick that will fit your budget and preference. 

You will also get some factors that you should consider before purchasing asphalt driveway filler. It will influence the type of product you choose. I highly recommend that you select one from the list.

Best Asphalt Driveway Crack Fillers reviews 2021

The best asphalt driver filler is the one with several features that will lead to effective crack repair. First of all, the product should be easy to use and apply. It is also the one that is safe for human use and contact to avoid any contamination. Some products have natural ingredients that makes them very safe for man and environmentally friendly. 

The best one should also be of high quality. Such products offer excellent work by providing a permanent solution to cracking at a spot. It should be affordable as well as easy to get. 

Top 5 Best Asphalt Driveway Crack Filler – 2021

While there are many driveway crack fillers to choose from, our experts have researched the market to offer you with top options. Check these top recommendations.

1. Red Devil 0637 Acrylic Asphalt Crack Filler

Red Devil 0637 Blacktop Acrylic Repair Sealant, Black

Red Devil 0637 asphalt crack filler is a very affordable product. So, if you are looking for a cheap asphalt crack filler with a versatile application, Red Devil is a perfect choice. The material comes in a caulk tube that is well-suited for every caulking gun.

Its application is fast. It just requires you to position the caulking tube’s tip on the cracked spot. Next, press the trigger to discharge the stuff into the driveway crack. The Red Devil acrylic is safe and clean that your shoes won’t get dirty. The product delivers water-resistance and great adhesion once applied, so your work will be successful even during the rainy season.

 In case you apply on hot asphalt or during a hot day, you will not feel any heat under the shoes because it is rubberized. Red Devil is lightweight, so you can carry it comfortably along the driveway while repairing the cracks. I highly recommend it to a person who wants asphalt driveway crack affordable filler.


  • It is easy to apply since it is a single-step procedure.
  • The product is very affordable and available. 
  • It will not dirty nor transfer heat to your shoes.
  • Being universal, it can repair any driveway.
  • Not affected by weather conditions; hence you can apply at any given weather- condition.
  • Uses the quickest time to dry. You can fill the cracks or potholes and drive them on the spot.


  • Not durable in areas facing temperature fluctuations.
  • Repairs do not last long.

2. Dalton Enterprises 35099 Pli-Stix 30 Ft

Dalton Enterprises 35099 - 30 Ft. Asphalt and Concrete Crack Filler

Dalton Enterprises 35099 is the best crack filler that offers a permanent seal on your driveway. It looks like a black rope. The PLI-STIX 30 is a famous Latex-ite that acts as a great bonding material for cracks. It can fill a cracking that has a length of 30 feet and a width of one inch. Applying this product will form a sidewall bond that will make the crack discreet and unnoticeable.  

It works perfectly on asphalt cracks as well as concrete driveway cracks. Dalton Enterprises 35099 requires proper melting before applying on the cracking. Once you do it correctly, you will never complain about repeated cracking on your asphalt driveway. 

Also, before applying, ensure that the area is dirt free for better results. In case the part requires water to clean, allow the place to dry for at least a day so you can apply the material. You can then place the product about 15 feet deep then melt it slowly by slowly. 

The product is free from volatile organic substances; hence it does not emit any odor that can cause air pollution. It is available in different packs of two, three, four, and five items. 


  • Ease of use with a melt-away wrapping that does not require removal 
  • Very successful if the process correct.
  • Available at an affordable price.
  • Offers a permanent seal that is not slippery.
  • Environmental safe with no air pollution.


  • Have to be positioned while melting.
  • Not perfect for deep cracks.

3. Driveway Elastomeric Emulsion Crack Filler

Driveway Elastomeric Emulsion Crack Filler

Driveway Elastomeric Emulsion Crack Filler is one of the best asphalt driveway crack filler. It is a liquid polymer making it unique from other solid crack fillers. Driveway Elastomeric is packed in gallons making it enough for use in any crack diameter.

The gallon has a very slender nozzle that allows you to pour the liquid easily and effectively. The nozzle can fit in a pothole; you only need to tilt the cap and pour the material. Driveway Elastomeric solution has asphalt particles, adhesives as well as rubber polymers. These components usually mix at very high pressure and temperatures to come up with a reliable solution. They make a very tight seal on a driveway crack.

Once you apply the solution, water will fail to seep in. Therefore, no more cracking will occur because it has very great adhesive forces and is very flexible. The Driveway Elastomeric does not need any mixing nor an extra tool to apply. You only need to pour out the material into the crack then leave it to dry. 


  • It is easy and fast to apply.
  • Offers excellent sealing to small-sized potholes
  • Very affordable product with excellent performance.
  • No mixing is required, ready for use directly from the gallon.
  • Free from toxins that could be harmful to man and the environment.


  • Not perfect for deep and large potholes and cracks.
  • Take some days to dry completely; you cannot fill a cracking and drive on it the same day.

4. Road Rescue Asphalt Repair

Road Rescue Asphalt Repair

Road Rescue Asphalt Repair is a very affordable product that seals cracks on your driveway effectively. The application is easy and fast. Once you apply, it just takes seconds to dry so that you can use the driveway very soon. Also, you do not require any other tool to help apply the Road Rescue material, have your solution only.

To apply, clean the area you will be repairing. You can get bloom and sweep off the dust and pour the solution in the crack. You will also require a tamper to compact the solution in the area. The package is capable of filling seven square feet area with one-inch depth on one occasion. 

Road Rescue is a natural made product. For this reason, it has a long service span becoming one of the best fillers in the market. Consequently, avoid leaving the solution while open since it will dry up fast. The solution has oil that bursts upon compacting creating a strong bond that fills the crack. You can apply the Road Rescue Asphalt Repair during sunny or rainy weather.


  • Simple to apply without any need for melting or mixing.
  • Safe in any weather rainy, or sunny.
  • Do not require any other tool to use.
  • Environmental safe since it has natural ingredients only.
  • Offers permanent crack repair.
  • You do not have to square pothole edges.


  • A large amount covers a small portion. 

5. 3-Part Epoxy Mortar Patching System

3 Part EPOXY Mortar Patching System

3 Part Epoxy Mortar Patching System is a perfect solution for deep asphalt cracks on your driveway. I highly suggest it to anyone who is having trouble with his driveway due to any cracking. The product is efficient with two added epoxy liquid making a compact mixture with high bonding capacity. It is ideal to use when the cracks on the driveway are about one-inch thick.

It is easy to apply since it comes with a detailed instruction manual to help you understand its application. Follow the instructions carefully for a successful outcome. 3 Part Epoxy has three ingredients, namely: aggregate, hardener, and resin. These make the product to be of high quality. You will therefore be able to fill all the cracks or potholes on your driveway fast and easy without any worry of a defect.

The material is waterproof; do not worry when applying it on a rainy day. Once you fill a crack, water will be unable to seep through and damage the area and, you will not have a repeated cracking on the same spot. I find the 3 Part Epoxy filler the best of best in my list. Give it a try, and I am sure you will never regret it.


  • Very simple to apply.
  • Gives strong bonding hence very effective.
  • Water-resistant as well as weather-proof.
  • Gives a long-lasting repair.
  • Perfect for cracks of up to one-inch.


  • The product is a bit pricey.
  • Requires large quantity to be effective.

Best asphalt crack filler – Buyer’s Guide

Despite all asphalt fillers performing the same function, you should take into consideration some of the factors. Before you purchase asphalt filler for your driveway, check whether the product has the following aspects:

Industrial standards

Every product has its standards indicated on the product. Some are good to use on deep cracks, whereas others are for shallow and small potholes or cracks. Depending on the size as well as crack depth, select one that will meet your demands.

Ease of application

Some products do not require any extra tools or work to apply. Others need you to do tasks like melting, tampering, etc. for it to be effective. For liquid solutions, check the one with a narrow nozzle so you can be able to apply with ease.


No one needs to repair his driveway now and then. Therefore, I advise you to go for a quality solution to fill a crack permanently. These kinds of products might be a bit expensive although they are worth the price. Choose wisely.


You cannot buy a product that you do not afford. Different products come at different prices. Make sure you select an affordable filler product that will do a clean job. Remember that not all expensive products are up to the task.

Customers Rating

The above five products have won the hearts of customers receiving high ratings. Many customers have praised their quality and their effectiveness in achieving successful driveway cracks repair. Others like the products because they are affordable and available. The 3 Part Epoxy Mortar Patching System has the highest score in terms of the quality of work it does. Although some are complaining because of its price, others are admitting that it is worth it. The Red Devil 0637 Acrylic Asphalt Crack Filler is the most known and used product. All the above products have a rating of above five stars. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do I need to fix the driveway asphalt crack?

Answer:  It is good to repair any damage before it is too worse. Fixing a driveway crack will be cheaper than waiting to get deeper and require more work plus resources. Besides, if cracking gets deep, you can have difficulties while driving or even have accidents. 

A deep cracking can lead to driveway blockage since some get worse to a point your vehicle cannot pass through to the other side. If you notice a pothole on your driveway, do not hesitate to repair it using the best asphalt crack filler.

Is it appropriate to use caulk or epoxy for my driveway repair?

Answer: Caulk and epoxy are products to do driveway repair since they prevent further damage. However, you should use products to fill asphalt because the repair will last long since you will have quality products. 

Epoxy is the best to fill asphalt potholes on a driveway. They help you to achieve a long-time solution to cracks. Caulk and epoxy are great products to stop further cracking and give your driveway an authentic look.

Once my driveway is repaired, should I coat it?

Answer: It is not necessary to coat the driveway once you repair it. However, the coating will help the seal to last longer and give your driveway a uniform look. Besides, the coating procedure will hold back the cracking process of the material repairing to last longer. However, the coating process is a bit expensive and requires one to be on a bigger budget. If you have that money, go ahead and do it. In case you are operating on a tight budget, then repairing with effective asphalt filler is enough.

Is there a big difference between crack sealing and crack filling?

Answer: There is no significant difference between the two. Crack sealing is the procedure of applying a sealant material to asphalt to avoid more water from intruding and thus stopping more damage. On the other hand, crack filling, you put fillers into a crack to prevent water intrusion and also to reinforce the driveway. 

The time they take to dry differs. Most crack sealers dry immediately or take less time, whereas crack fillers can dry several days. Both products work in handy to repair asphalt driveway cracks.

How long will an asphalt driveway crack repair last?

Different asphalt driveway repair products have different lasting periods. Some high-quality products can make a repaired crack last for about 30 years. However, you can use some other products and repair to last for 12 years. 

The time can also depend on how properly you apply the material. You can get help from the instruction manual for each product you purchase. This period can also be affected by UV light, growing roots, fluctuating temperatures, and water. Also, the more you use your driveway, the more it wears out.

Final Verdict

Your driveway will have to crack due to one reason or the other. Repairing a crack is the best way since it will help to stop further damage. Nevertheless, acquiring the best asphalt driveway filler is crucial since it will determine how long the repair lasts. 

The above list gives the best products on the market. I have done thorough research on each product to come up with the listed products. I highly recommend that you choose the best from the list that will satisfy your needs and fit your budget.

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