Top 5 Best Adhesive For Retaining Wall Caps 2021 [Premium]

The best adhesive for retaining wall caps is the most satisfactory solution to give your concrete base an ultimate look and solid strength. So when you’re renovating or newly building your small garden wall, it’s required to use adhesive. There are many so-called adhesives available nowadays, but I only put the top 5 adhesives for retaining wall caps in this article. In fact, these construction adhesive offers a lower price point, so in that case, it’s the most cost effective way to get the job done. 

So what’s the best retaining wall adhesive? The best retaining wall cap adhesive is the type of glue that can give a pleasing exterior design and make your concrete wall rock solid durability. 

While selecting the retaining wall cap adhesive, you need to consider a few things, such as user friendly, versatility, price, durability, etc. However, check below for 

Top 5 Retaining Wall Adhesive 2021

1. Gorilla construction adhesive reviews

best adhesive for retaining wall caps
Retaining wall adhesive

Gorilla heavy duty construction adhesive is the first glue in this list. Millions of happy customers across the world find it the most helpful adhesive for construction usages. But, of course, you’re also going to like it for its multi tasking operation and heavy duty performance. First, however, let’s go into the product details. 

It makes long lasting tough bonding between concrete blocks like a rock. But, as it’s versatile and weatherproof, it might be an excellent option for interlocking block retaining walls. This multi purpose adhesive is 100% glue and suitable for all surfaces, whether concrete, rock, or plastic. Therefore, its 100% waterproof adhesive delivers the most durable result for retaining wall caps. 

In order to get the best result, you need to clean the surface with a metal brush. However, it would be best to use a caulking gun while gluing on the retaining wall caps. 

There is a wide variety of this item, so pick the one depending on the size of your project. 

In addition, let’s have a look at some reviews. 

  • One of the verified customers states that this isn’t Gorilla glue; it is Gorilla construction cement.  
  • It’s the best all purpose construction adhesive on the market. 
  • You’ll get the ultimate result if you follow the user instructions.

2. Gorilla Glue Strength 8212302 – Best Clear Construction Adhesive.

retaining wall block adhesive
Retaining wall block adhesive

Gorilla max strength clear construction adhesive is the strongest adhesive in this top 5 list. In fact, it’s 2X Stronger than its Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive. If you’re looking for the maximum construction clear adhesive, it must be considerable glue. However, you’ll be amazed to see its outstanding features. 

First of all, it’s the strongest adhesive on this list and stronger than its other glues. So if you want to give your retaining wall caps a crystal clear look, you should choose this adhesive. Among the numerous advantages, one of them is that it’s 100% waterproof and works the same as above or underwater. 

As most concrete walls are built outdoors, it’s ideal for all weather conditions. But, at the same time, it has other benefits too. Such as you can paint on this glue, and it’s easy to take off. The one downside I found in this item is that it produces a little bit of odor. 

I can’t describe its multi usages. For example, you can apply this Gorilla max strength adhesive on the concrete wall, tile, stone, landscaping, glass, etc. 

Let’s check some previous buyers view on this adhesive: 

  • It’s premium stuff with Amazingly versatile adhesive.
  • It’s one of the most durable sealants and architects’ first choices. 
  • It makes a transparent and robust bond.
  • It would be best if you used the caulk gun for easy access. 

3. Loctite pl premium construction adhesive review

loctite pl premium adhesive
Loctite pl premium adhesive

The Loctite pl premium is the best interlock block retaining wall adhesive. It was initially designed and developed for retaining wall caps. But now, Loctite pl premium polyurethane construction adhesive is the best option that engineers usually recommend.  

However, it’s a polyurethane construction adhesive made from urethane based chemicals. This high performance adhesive is at least three times stronger than regular retaining wall caps glue. Most importantly, it’s environment friendly and gives extra shine to your work. 

Despite the made in China product, it does an extraordinary job in terms of construction materials. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using this on the exterior or interior construction works. Its bond is three times stronger than ordinary adhesives. Let me tell you more benefits of having pl adhesives. It’s waterproof and weatherproof. In fact, you can use this on frozen or wet timber. The manufacturer recommends that it’s perfect for sub-floor installment. In addition, it’s durable and flexible; in fact, you can paint on this adhesive.

Therefore, it has a wide application, such as wood, floor, concrete, metal, stone, foam, etc. 

How to Apply Locktite construction adhesive?

There are five steps to apply Loctite pl adhesives for better results, Such as:

  1. Cut the tip.
  2. Puncture the seal.
  3. Now, put the adhesives in the caulking gun.
  4. Press the gun and put the glue on the wall or block, and let it go for a maximum of 20 minutes.
  5. Basically, it will take 24 hours to attach fully. That’s it. 

Let’s check some upsides:

  • It’s super strong retaining wall caps glue. 
  • Highly recommended adhesives but wear gloves during the working time. 
  • Suitable for stone retaining walls as well. 
  • Construction workers called it the duck tape of the adhesive world. 

4. Loctite construction adhesive – Best waterproof construction adhesive

loctite premium construction adhesive
Loctite premium construction adhesive

This Loctite premium construction adhesive comes with a small tube and is easy to use and safe. Its made from 100% polyurethane based adhesive and is suitable for all outdoor and indoor projects. At the same time, it stays longer on any surface, depending on the surface’s sturdy. 

Though Loctite claims it’s 8 times stronger than regular construction adhesives, they’re right. To get an example, just read their reviews on the web or construction forum. 

However, it works even better than the previous one that I mentioned above. Furthermore, pl construction adhesive is made for heavy construction work. Therefore, it’s perfect for concrete bonding walls, retaining wall caps, wood, stone, masonry, etc. 

Below, there are some reviews regarding this adhesive:

  • The adhesives hold the bonding tightly until it demolishes.
  • For flexibility and holding strength, it’s a must have adhesive. 
  • It offers a regular price. 
  • In order to get a quick flow, you need to squeeze the tube carefully. 
  • It works best for attaching masonry and brick bonding. 
  • As mentioned above, it’s super easy to apply. 

5. Liquid Nails – Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive for retaining wall

Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive
Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive

If you want to rebuild your garden wall or make a new stone wall, Liquid Nails Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive is the ultimate choice. It’s engineered to last for a long time and is a multi purpose adhesive. At the same time, it delivers a professional job in terms of construction quality. 

However, it’s environmentally friendly and meets the minimum carbon emitting percentage requirement. Therefore, this premium quality adhesive creates a strong bond on any object. Furthermore, it’s one of the best durable and flexible adhesives for retaining wall caps. 


  • Best value for the packages. 
  • Most sticky adhesive. 


  • A great number of people find it unuseful. 

Buying Guide: How to choose retaining wall adhesive?

Drying or cure time:

There are a lot of adhesives available, depending on the drying time. For example, some dry instant or some take 24 hours to dry thoroughly. They both remain good in quality, but you need to find the best adhesive. Above all are the best in quality. 

Easy to use:

Usually, these adhesives are easy to use, but sometimes lower quality adhesives are difficult to use. In addition, almost every time, you need to use a caulking gun while applying the glue. So make sure you have an excellent caulking gun to get a perfect result. 


In terms of durability, retaining wall cap adhesive does an excellent job. In addition, you can store the left adhesives for a long time for subsequent usage. 

Easy to clean:

Water based adhesives are easy to clean. On the other hand, chemical based adhesives are difficult to clean. But nowadays, chemical based adhesives are also easy to clean. So make an informed decision while making the purchase. 

Low odor:

It’s kind of challenging to work with strong odor adhesives. Sometimes it gets harder to take a breath. But, there are a lot of odorless or lower odor adhesives available in the market. So, pick the one with at least minimum odor. 

Safe products:

While buying the adhesives, make sure that it doesn’t come with a VOC tag which means it’s harmful to health. But now, fewer VOC adhesives are also suitable to buy as retainer wall products. 


Nowadays, versatility is a common feature of adhesives. Although, make sure that your glue is a versatile one. 

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