Bauer Drill Review 2021 [Ultimate Buying Guide]

Homeowners sourcing for a light, compact, and user-friendly drill to work with at home, this might interest you! The Bauer drill is very comfortable in your hands, and its performance is top-notch. We rate it among the best based on its size, performance, power, and quality features.

Its design is customized to enable you to have access to the easy switch, increased visibility, secure grip, extended battery life, great speed settings, and heavy-duty performance. You will find this drill way better than similar drills used to make holes for your bits.

The kit includes all the crucial tools you need to keep your drill performance optimal, and given the extended warranty, quality is guaranteed.

Why Buy the Bauer 20V Drill?

There is no more incredible feeling than getting a product at an affordable rate, yet the performance is excellent, and it features high quality. This is precisely what the Bauer 20V drill offers you. You will enjoy a worthy experience with this drill attributed to its long-time battery life and a secure grip from the metal grip.

Its costs are generally lower, but the performance is unmatched for a mid-range rated drill. We highly recommend you buy this drill to facilitate your work at home with great confidence; it will give you value for money and excellent performance. All the features of this drill are easy to operate, fix, and maintain. You will enjoy metal gear construction when you have this drill at your disposal.

Bauer 20V Drill Review 2021

Bauer 20V Drill Review

The majority of us familiar with Harbor Freight products will agree that the Bauer 20V drill is their house brand. It has a significant form factor that makes it comfortable to operate with most tools, such as the driver bits.

You enjoy specs designed and assembled adequately with the high-performance motor and bright LED light among the stand-out features. These specs make this drill an all-metal construction gear with great speed settings for effectiveness and efficiency.

The Bauer 20V drill has become a house brand for the Harbor Freight, known to produce very affordable power tools for its high performance. This drill will serve you well, like a person owing a pro-level compact training.

The results are tremendous, and what is more, the drill is durable to keep you going for a long. The Bauer Hypermax, which happens to be the new Harbor Freight manufacturer, brings more sophisticated drill equipment.

This new model has three electricity components; a drill, a hammer drill, and a powerful motor. With these further modifications, the performance rates are doubled. You will find this drill very favorable to work with at home to get your desired results.

Bauer hammer drill review – 20V Drill Specs

Our recommended product has excellent specs that make your work easier. We advise you to counter-check these specs when purchasing your Bauer 20V drill to ensure you get the right product. Our article expounds on the functionality of these specs giving you a clear view of its usability. The specs are as follows:

  • Its model is 1791C-B1.
  • This drill has a 20V Lithium-lon battery with a capacity of 1.5Ah to power it.
  • You will notice a slide pack battery on the drill.
  • There is a rapid charger that has a side pack.
  • In the drill kit, you get a tool, battery, charger, and tool bag.
  • Its size is imposing; 7 ½ inches in height and 8 ½ inches in length while the width is 3 ½ inches.
  • The torque power is 450 in-lbs.
  • You enjoy a lightweight of 2.63lbs.

Bauer Drill Review Features

To give you a better insight into the Bauer 20V drill, we have narrowed our focus to this excellent product’s specific features. Besides, you will discover that all the parts are tailored to give you superior performance and enhance your user’s experience. The features highlighted are the key and should guide you when you are making your purchase decision.

Model and Compact design

This tool features a lightweight design, and it is an advanced model 1791C-B drill, which further doubles as a driver for driver bits. This model has a high-performance motor that delivers 450 lbs of torque. The weight is 2.63 lbs, which means you experience minimal fatigue from holding the drill in your hands. Its size is even more suitable.

The height is 7 ½ inches, the width 3 ½ inches, and the length 8 ½ inches. You will enjoy working with this drill at home due to this compact design. A drill is an excellent tool for any homeowner looking for a reliable drill with great speed settings from the holding to the storage aspect.

An Inclusive tool kit and Batteries

Once you purchase the Bauer drill, you get a tool kit that includes the batteries, a charger, and a tool bag to keep your tools while storing. The drill is powered by a 20V Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 1.5Ah. What is more, the system has a slide pack battery that comes in handy with a rapid charger and a side pack.

With these tools, you are guaranteed continuous service and smooth workflow while working with your Bauer drill. Its battery capacity keeps the drill functional for a long time bringing about effectiveness.

Secure and Comfortable Grip

Regardless of the affordability, you will appreciate the excellent touch of the drill on your hands. You get that professional sensation with this drill on your hands at any given time as you operate. The grip is not only smooth on your hands, giving you great comfort but also very secure.

The entire drill feels so much balanced on your hand as you work with it to carry out different tasks. From this comfort, you can fasten any bits with ease and get your work done without straining your arms.

All-metal chuck

This is a stand-out feature that you will not see in regular homeowner drills. This impressive feature makes the drill effective to work on all kinds of metals. Homeowners operating on metal gear construction should consider buying this tool. It will guarantee you good results for all-metal gear construction works through the ½ inches all-metal chuck.

The chuck holds metals in a radical symmetry and clamped them in position while you are screwing. As a result, your work is made more comfortable, and you can fix your bits in the shortest time possible. Make sure to look out for this feature when buying a Bauer drill because regular homeowner drills are unlikely to have this feature.

Clutch Setting

We understand that a good drill should have an excellent range for the clutch setting to allow excellent user flexibility. This is what the Bauer drill offers the homeowners. It will provide you will a clutch setting, which ranges from 0 to 21.

With this setting, you can set the clutch to suit your drill application. Furthermore, when you are drilling, you have the option of selecting the drill mode only. Under this setting, the drill does not clutch out when you are operating with it.

LED Light

As an additional feature to facilitate smooth operation even when working in dark areas, the Bauer drill comes with a bright LED light. It is strategically located at the bottom. This allows you to light dark areas in your area of operation for better fixing.

You rarely strain to see where the bits are located when screwing. LED light is one of the user-friendly features that protect your eyes from strain when working.

Effective Fastener

Having sampled different homeowner drills, the Bauer drill comes top regarding its fasteners. You will notice that driving additional screws with this drill is much faster and smoother. Also, the screws fasten with ease and will go as deep as the chuck can allow.

With the speed settings, you can drive screws in position as fast as possible. This feature makes this drill an excellent tool for heavy-duty performance tasks. Try it today!


To cap it up, the performance of this drill is top class. The Bauer drill will provide you excellent results when contrasted with ordinary homeowner drills. The performance is attributed to all the highlighted features above, plus the powerful motor that generates the power to run the drill.

You will be surprised by how well this drill can perform when comparing it to its small, compact, and simple design. Again, the drill feels great on your hands, thus enhancing the performance. You cannot resist the excellent user experience that the Bauer drill provides to its users.

How to use the Bauer 20v Drill?

We advise our clients to keep the owner’s manual, which further carries the safety instructions to help you maintain your Bauer drill in good shape. The highlighted steps here will enable you to use the Bauer drill effectively and sustain it longer. They will guide you in assembling the drill, operating it, maintenance, and hygiene protocols.

The care and maintenance begin immediately; you buy this drill. Make sure that as you unpack, the Bauer drill remains intact and undamaged. Once unpacked, follow these guidelines for better usage and better performance.

  • Assemble the Bauer drill by following the instructions indicated in the user manual. You must adhere to the instructions as shown. This will ensure you fix all tools as required and minimize damages to the individual components as you assemble them.
  • Wear your protective gear to keep you safe from popping bits when operating the drill. This is primarily to your eyes. Safety is critical and should never be overlooked. The case is no different when using the Bauer drill.
  • Ensure you do not force any power tool for your application. Besides, make sure to disconnect the battery pack from the power tool before making any adjustments or even changing any accessories.
  • The battery must be recharged with the specified charger from the manufacturer. This is key in ensuring maximum recharge of the battery and its sustainability.
  • We recommend you hold the power tools by their insulated grip surfaces when operating the Bauer drill.
  • When you need to set the torque, use the torque selector for proper settings concerning the drilled material. These settings must be set low to allow for safety margins.
  • Finally, ensure your work area is well organized and clean. For any loose pieces, make sure to use clamps to hold them in place. With these guidelines, you will have a smooth run when using the Bauer 20V drill and satisfying results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are the Harbor Freight tools such as the Bauer 20V drill much affordable?

A: The reason for this great affordability is based on the making material, which sublimates directly from solid to gas, thus cutting on production costs. It has nothing to do with compromising on quality.

Q: Is the Bauer 20V drill motor brushless?

A: It is such great news for Bauer drill users since the drill tools are brushless, including the power motor. This gives the power motor a longer runtime and enables them to generate more power for better efficiency.

Q: How far or deep into the drilled holes should one drive the screws using the Bauer drill?

A: The size of the holes drilled about the drill chuck will guide you on how far you can drive the screws. The chuck is the limiting factor to how deep you can move the screws.

Final Words

The Bauer 20V drill is an excellent solution to any homeowner looking for an affordable yet professional drill to work with at home. Every feature’s functionality in the drill is fantastic, and the results are unmatched by ordinary drills. Its compact design, small size, and powerful motor ensure comfort and efficiency when using the drill.

Furthermore, the drill will last you longer by ensuring every component is well assembled with quality material. You will fancy the smooth yet secure grip offered by the Bauer drill. The user manual has all you need when operating the drill for better results and maintenance.

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